Why Harry + Oprah Show delayed



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21 thoughts on “Why Harry + Oprah Show delayed

  1. So, Oprah has sold off much of her empire under the OWN brand. The health show is now delayed. A coincidence? I don’t think so

  2. If Hilaria Baldwin can be Spanish & Ellen Paige can be a man then Harry can talk to Diana’s spirit.

  3. Too funny! These two amateurs keep tripping over themselves to make a great name for themselves only to screw everything up! LOL. I needed a laugh this morning. Netflix owns these two idiots!! LOL!!

  4. Yes I wonder who Oprah will Lainch next …
    … Exactly no one cares about these celebraties problems…..

  5. I’m no Oprah fan at all but I hope she pulls out of this misadventure!! MM is still as delusional as always – – or getting worse!

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