The Fool’s Journey

There are 22 Major Arcana cards in a tarot deck numbered 0-21. They can be divided into 3 levels of development called the Fool’s Journey.


Cards 1 – 7 = Our childhood or basic development. How we learn to survive in society from birth to teen age years.

Cards 8- 14 = Young adult (20-40) when we learn about the universal laws of society, figure out who we are and build our profession. Early adulthood is spent exercising discipline.

Cards 15 – 21 = Maturity. We discover a whole new phase of life in middle-age. No longer concerned with following the dictates of society but rather learn more about who we really are, develop our spirituality.

A Brief Descripttion of the Tarot Cards:

0. The Fool is the beginning of the journey, new and taking a leap of faith.

  1. The Magician is the burst of energy, becoming master of the tools at our disposal.
  2. The High Priestess is incoming energy, unofficial religions, taking in our surroundings and listening to our intuition.
  3. The Empress is creative power, motherhood and nurturing.
  4. The Emperor represents fatherhood, the patriarchy of society, rules and authority.
  5. The Hierophant is official religions, advice and morality.
  6. The Lovers represent partnership, choices, and sense of oneself.
  7. The Chariot is seeing both sides of an issue while pushing forward with a mission.
  8. The Strength card represents self-control, discipline and gentle use of personal power.
  9. The Hermit symbolizes looking inward for answers, solitude and higher knowledge.
  10. Wheel of Fortune is destiny, things out of our control.
  11. Justice is our ability to discern, the realization that we reap what we sew and making decisions.
  12. The Hanged Man is removing oneself from a situation and adopting a new perspective.
  13. Death is a dramatic change in our personal lives that takes us to a new place that we cannot turn back on.
  14. Temperance is working with grace and balance as we combine different people or things.
  15. Devil is when we confront our shadow, face oppressive conditions that we placed ourselves in and recognize that we have the ability to extricate ourselves.
  16. Tower is unexpected major change that is not personal but that can change our belief systems.
  17. Star is hope and faith to rebuild structures in our lives that have been destroyed.
  18. Moon is fear of the unknown and the realization that things are not always as they seem. We must use our intuition to navigate and listen to our dreams.
  19. Sun achievement, happiness, and support as we know who and where we are and what is real.
  20. Judgement is when we make a review of our lives and what we have accomplished to be able to move onto a next phase in life. May also be a call to action.
  21. World is when we have learned all of our lessons and have become fully integrated, balanced and spiritually aware.


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