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Tarot a tool to increase your attention span

We have all heard that social media causes shorter attention spans. Scrolling mindlessly through the constantly changing dopamine hits of tiktok videos or twitter posts is no doubt detrimental to long term intelligence. Modeled after gambling slot machines, this was intentional by the creators of social media platforms.

Unless you want to be dumber than a goldfish you have to make the effort to improve your attention span.

Taking time off-line to read more books is a common solution. How about some tarot books? I’ve found that the more I have learned and practiced tarot, the stronger my intuition and attention span has become.

Performing a full celtic cross tarot reading spread is not for the goldfish brains. Reading tarot requires shark-like focus. But the focus is on our unconscious thoughts becoming conscious. Catching that fleeting first impression and verbalizing it into reality. The process is relaxing and meditative. Altogether, it’s intense fun!

Tarot readers enjoy their off-line pursuit with longer and longer focus of mind and as an additional benefit, we can stick our tongues out at AI because it can’t do it. If you don’t have intuition, you can’t do a real tarot reading. (Yes computers can memorize key words + spit them out but that’s not a real tarot reading.)

So there you have it! One cure for the social media damage done to our minds – tarot. An interesting and entertaining way to improve our attention spans and distance ourselves from big tech influence. A win-win for the world.

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