Weekly Astrology Forecast May 5 – 11 2019

May 5 2019    Mars    Opp    Jupiter

23°Ge22′ D    23°Sg22′ R    Tr
A fighting spirit for a moral or ethical cause. Overexcitement. Overconfidence. Lack of moderation. Inclinations to hasty actions and opinions. Competitive reactions. Muscular action. Clash of philosophy or principles. Lawsuits.

This is a time of changes which may result in people suing and arguing over differences in principles, beliefs, and philosophies.  People may act in an over-the-top way.

Sporting events, lawsuits, elections, and any other type of competition or battle may heat up at this time.  Clashes over entertainment, gambling, stock markets, groups, children, goals and what is good for everyone rather than the few may be most prominent.

May 6 2019    Mercury enters Taurus
Mercury will be changing signs from Aries and entering the sign of Taurus ruled by Venus.

Things should be calmer as Mercury travels through the fixed earth sign of Taurus.   There may be more information  and news about financial affairs, beauty, art, and creativity. Now is a good time to make financial plans.  Discussion with others should go more smoothly. However if someone is settled on their opinions or decisions now, it may be impossible to sway them.  People will be thinking more practically and be concerned with issues surrounding money, land, real estate, commerce, agriculture, gardening, luxury goods and personal resources

May 7 2019    Venus    Sqr    Saturn
   20°Ar28′ D    20°Cp28′ R    Tr
Distance from others. Inhibitions. Utility over beauty. Exacting distinctions. Serious or traditional social matters.

This may be a time of disappointment, challenges or sacrifices in issues pertaining to women, money, possessions or in relationships.  Venus square Saturn is a positive time for doing volunteer work, helping others (especially the disadvantaged or elderly.)

This may be a depressing or difficult time and can be worked out best by accepting and embracing and work, sacrifice or challenge that may present itself.  Working out any disappointments by working for and taking on the burden of others is one of the most auspicious ways of handling any melancholy at this time.

On a positive note, any disciplined endeavor (dieting, work, abstaining, doing without) may be more pleasurable now and/or be extra rewarding and enjoyable at this time.

May 8 2019    Mercury    Cnj    Uranus
  03°Ta25′ D    03°Ta25′ D    Tr
Intensity of mind. Experimental attitude. Expression of radical or unusual viewpoints. Technical interest. Inventiveness.

News and information may be scattered and unusual now.  There may be a new technology introduced around this time in communications.  There may be a scientific break-through in new forms of telepathy or how we process information.

Now is an excellent time to introduce a new invention or idea, especially if it is an out-of-the-box endeavor.  Radical and counter-cultural trends may start now.  Terrorists may be emboldened with mass communications or propaganda at this time.

There could be an overflow of electricity, transportation or news now.  There is an independence, originality and genius of thought now which could be translated into success if backed up by hard word.

The expression, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” may apply now under this inspirational influence.

May 8 2019    Sun    Sxt    Neptune
   18°Ta13′ D    18°Pi13′ D    Tr
Physical sensitivity. Receptivity to impressions. Focusing the intangible. Intuition. The finished masterpiece. Art appreciation. Drama. Decoration. Museum. Library. School. Hospital. Zoo. Professional service. Wide expanses. The sea.

At this time leaders may be feeling more spiritual or idealistic now.  This may be a time of dreams being pursued and achieved or at least reached for.  People may be feeling a bit sleepy, lazy or dreamy today.  This is an excellent time for creative work, enjoying the arts, movies, spiritual practices or even spending some time by the water.  This is also a healing time when the body wants to rest or relax.  Yoga, meditation, walks or other calm exercise would be most therapeutic now.

May 9 2019    Venus    Tri    Jupiter
   23°Ar04′ D    23°Sg04′ R    Tr
Comfortable social conditions. Generosity and friendliness. Big productions or gatherings. Beautiful appearances.

There may be a tendency to overindulge a bit at home or on family members.   There may be a lot of emotions pouring in from partners, family and others now.  Enjoy the moment and go with how you feel.  Now is  a safe time to express how you feel and be accepted and supported for it.

This is a wonderful time to socialize and to re-connect with people   Convivial gatherings and other social events should be most enjoyable now.  It is not advisable to make any large purchases now (as you may tend to buy more than you should).  Also, creative projects, enjoying art, music, foreign things/topics/people/places, and higher education may be a source of pleasure.

May 9 2019    Venus    Sqr    Pluto
   23°Ar05′ D    23°Cp05′ R    Tr

The powerful or obsessive desire to meet one’s needs in relationships. Jealousy. Sexual tension. Territorial disputes. Fatal attraction

Venus is going to make a hard aspect to Pluto. This may manifest in different ways since Venus can signify: money, beauty, childbirth, jewelry, luxury items, music, art, fashion, poetry, gardening, flowers, and very often relationships.

There may be some shocks or upsets in relationships or money matters. Situations may get unexpectedly intense in a new or established relationship.

If you notice that things are getting more emotional or dramatic than usual, try to keep a cool head and know that this is a short-lived aspect (a day or two). If things do get to be too much, try to avoid any kind of confrontation until later on.

This may be a challenging time in social situations where some may feel or be manipulated, uncooperative or rude.  This is not the time to confront other in social situations, wait until later to discuss privately.  Venus square Pluto is not the time to push for things in group settings

There may be power struggles over money, shared resources and in love matters.  Be careful not to get carried away and destroy everything over control issues.  Conversely, this may be the time to sever partnerships or ties with material things in order to regain peace and happiness.

For the next couple of days it is important with relationships and finances to be “above board” about everything. If you feel suspicious about something, try to be level-headed and not get carried away.

May 11 2019    Sun    Tri    Saturn
   20°Ta24′ D    20°Cp24′ R    Tr

This is an excellent time to start a new work project or regiment.  Discipline is called for now and taking a measured approach to things is highlighted.  Organizing, planing and following the rules will be the way to succeed in whatever you want to achieve.

This is a good time to embark on an diet/exercise program or anything that you want to accomplish that requires consistent discipline.  Something you start building today may lead to solid and enduring results.

This is an auspicious time to do something to further your career or for building something that will benefit you for the rest of your life.  Now is the time to make long-term plans and act on them.

With Saturn retrograde, you may have to go back and change something later.  However, if you have already considered and action earlier or even made a step towards it in a previous occasion that things should progress without a hitch.

This is also an excellent time to go back and get some work done that you may have avoided earlier.  No matter how boring or dirty the work may be, under this aspect you will be able to get it all done in an efficient manner.  Your employer will notice your efforts and at this time you may receive more responsibility.  If you do, you will be able to handle it well.


Weekly Astrology Forecast April 8-14 2019

Apr 10 2019    Venus    Cnj    Neptune
   17°Pi24′ D    17°Pi24′ D

Sensitivity and taste in love and art. Enjoyment of a fantasy. Accurate aesthetic judgments. Desire for distant things.

As we enter the week is a wonderful time for enjoying the arts, music, spiritual pursuits and spending time by water. Taking a walk by a lake or ocean could soothe the soul.   This is also a time when romance will be more idealistic and surreal than usual.  A mystical and dreamy quality to thinking can create new memories which can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

There may be confusion or deception in matters of love or money.  Take extra precautions to avoid losing personal belongings.  Also being clear with romantic partners so there is no misunderstandings.

You may want to escape reality for a little while and just enjoy some movie or other form of entertainment. This is not the time for dealing with finances or legal commitments but just enjoying creative ventures. Redecorating or creating an atmosphere of comfort will go well now.  Avoiding intoxicants now is recommended as an increased sensitivity could lead to over-indulging or reacting more strongly than usual to pharmaceuticals, drugs, and alcohol.  This is a very sensitive time when reaching out and helping others is most auspicious and rewarding.

Apr 10 2019    Sun    Sqr    Saturn
   20°Ar12′ D    20°Cp12′ D
Difficulties in maintaining control over one’s life. Problems, obstacles, limitations, inhibitions and delays. Feelings of insecurity which stimulate ambition and the desire to prove one’s self-worth. Difficult judgments and decisions.

A tough day for leaders.  Saturn square presents some unexpected difficult challenge s or lessons today.  People in leadership positions may be challenged.  This is a test.  Now is the time to avoid being self-centered and impulsive.  Leaders must strategize and think long-term in goals and actions.  This is a time to struggle and sacrifice.  People need to work together and help each other.  This aspect may bring out a new project or decision of an international nature.

There may be a depressing atmosphere and people in positions of power may be challenged by those less important.  Humility, hard work and taking responsibility is called for.

Apr 10 2019    Jupiter Stations  Retrograde
       24°Sg21′ R
Jupiter is going retrograde from April 10th through August 11th 2019
 when Jupiter will station direct at 24 deg Sagittarius.    Jupiter retrograde affects financial, legal, publishing, higher education, foreign matters as well as religious matters and higher knowledge.  There may be delays in funding or expansion during this time.  Issues surrounding international relations, travel, higher education, publishing, and legal matters may go on for a longer period of time as things ruled by Jupiter may be delayed and drawn out.

On a positive note, you may receive gifts or benefits from the past.  Some may finally go on that trip to a foreign place or do business in a new country.  Legal and publishing affairs may be resolved.  This is a good time to restart a business, book, or website that may not have flourished the first time it was launched.  Retrogrades are good times to redo, rework and review and with Jupiter this means going back over international opportunities, spiritual pursuits, higher education, long distance travel . . .etc.  This may be the time to go back to school or return to a previous vacation spot.  If you had started learning a new language in the past then stopped, now is a good time to pick it up again.

The idea of Jupiter going retrograde is similar to Mercury retrograde in that it is the time to go back and review past dealings with  the law,finances, education, international business, publishing, etc.  This is the time when you may gain wisdom or higher knowledge by going back over something you studied or taught before.  This is also a time to try to restart a business or educational project.

In ancient times, astrologer Abu Ma’sar writes about Jupiter retrograde in the 800’s:

 ” . . . when Jupiter recedes it is similar to a rich man subjected to a lot of bondage and therefore distressed or to a wise, sensible and careful man who submits to the mediocre anxieties of the rational part of his mind . . The stars cause offence particularly if in their receding they are in a foreign place or in their adversities or in their humiliations and especially if they are afflicted with a malevolent star in their receding: then, they are similar to an ill man whose strength is failing and who is seized by another bad thing at once. Indeed, the stars which recede alter their nature and therefore they complete their operations in a weak way.”

All retrogrades of Jupiter (or any planet) are not the same, as the sign, fixed stars,and aspects that Jupiter receives are important to study.  Jupiter in Scorpio is stronger as it is in a sign of its triplicity. This causes a planet to behave better and give more auspicious results.

Jupiter begins it’s retrograde at 24 Sagittarius on fixed star Lesath. , which is has malefic influences combined, according to George + Parker in their book on fixed stars:

Lesath “This is a small star situated on the stinger of the Scorpion.  It gives danger, desperation, immorality, malevolence and it associated with poisons.”

Apr 10 2019    Mercury    Sxt    Pluto
   23°Pi06′ D    23°Cp06′ D
People will thinking more seriously, deeply and intensely about things at this time. This is an excellent time for doing any investigation or research of any kind. Life/death/security issues are also on people’s minds.

If you have been meaning to write a letter about something important (good or bad) writing it now and sending it out will ensure that is has the most powerful impact possible.

Mediums and psychics may be getting more or better messages than usual. This is an excellent time for communicating with the other side, even if you don’t normally get messages from the other side, you may get a sign or some sort of message today.

This is also a good time to work on joint finances, bills, taxes, estates as well as any secretive matters. You may receive the alimony, insurance or other money you were owed.

This is also a good time for mystery writing, intense artwork, living wills, psychology, occult, diet, sex, health matters, cleanses, power, powerful speaking/writing of all kinds.

This is a good day to destroy any junk mail or paperwork that needs to be shred.  Purging information out of your life that is no longer relevant is a positive way to use this energy.

What you say and write today may affect a large number of people and potentially have a profound impact on your life. As with all transiting aspects, it depends on each individual’s chart how strongly a particular planetary aspect will affect them.

Apr 12 2019    Mercury    Sqr    Jupiter
   24°Pi20′ D    24°Sg20′ R
Mentally pushing the limits — overassimilation, overexpansion, overload of communications, proselytizing, arrogance, etc. Interest in learning and travel. Overconfident judgments. Opinions.

There may be some overconfidence and zealous opinions flying about at this time.   Any arguments now may just go on and on without resolution as the exaggerations and arrogance multiplies.

This is a good time for studying a foreign language or cultural tradition and learning.  Be careful not to overestimate how much you can learn or get done today.

Arguments and discussions go on for much longer than expected.  Reserve extra time for any meetings or group discussions.

Avoid spending too much for information or on gadgets now as you might get carried away with the credit card.  This is not a good time for classes or talks as things may get carried away and words blown out of proportion.

This is not a good time to sign documents as expectations may be too grandiose for realization.  Ideas and events under this influence need to be worked on to become more practical else they may be setting people up for failure.  People may stretch themselves beyond their capacity in media, education or travel.

Apr 12 2019    Venus    Sxt    Saturn
20°Pi16′ D    20°Cp16′ D
Inhibitions which preserve stability: loyalty, duty, economy. Diplomacy. Good judgment. Business agreements. Conservatism.

With Venus forming a positive aspect to Saturn, this may result in obtaining some stability in love and financial matters.  Initiating a creative project will have solid results.  Creating permanence in romantic and creative areas of life are favored today.

Benefits through older people, farms, coal, public buildings, state officials,or antiques.  This is a good day to have an heirloom appraised.  This is also a positive time to organize or attend to money matters.   Doing something constructive which lays down the rules with children in a loving way, could be very successful now and last long-term.

Beautifying an old place or object may have some outstanding results.  Painting, sculpture, and interior decorating are also favored under this aspect.  Donations to charities will help more than usual today.

Apr 13 2019    Sun    Sqr    Pluto
   23°Ar07′ D    23°Cp07′ D
Leaders may be too forceful or manipulative in their approach that could lead to abusive.  Avoid getting drawn into power plays around this time that could become worse.  The good of the many supersede the benefits of one person or group.  Now is not a good time to try to persuade or influence someone to do something or it could turn against you.  A possibility of one using excessive force or underhanded means to an end are possible.
This is a powerful time to confront a problem and make a breakthrough in something that has been overwhelming or intimidating you.  Now you have the power to take charge and confront your fears – the trick is to avoid pushing too hard.
Apr 14 2019    Sun    Tri    Jupiter
   24°Ar19′ D    24°Sg19′ R

People will be feeling positive and generous. Intuition and other abilities are expanded.

As a result, this is an excellent day to socialize, go out and mingle with others, and to expand your horizons.  This is also a good transit for any legal affairs.

The Sun and Jupiter in fies signs indicate that passions and opinions may run high today. Doing something dealing with publishing, martial arts, entrepreneurship, self-improvement, war, weapons, or sports may go well. Some may have luck in these areas.  New projects begun by leaders may go well now and become a success.

This is a fortuitous time for everyone to travel, learn something new, and be involved any work in publishing, law, international relations and/or spiritual endeavors.  This is also an auspicious time to initiate an activity or personal development of some kind.

Apr 14 2019    Venus    Sxt    Pluto   
23°Pi07′ D    23°Cp07′ D
Intensification of Passion

This can be an intense time with finances, relationships and creative projects. You may become slightly obsessed with something. Women may deal with power issues or money issues which may become prominent in the news.

This may be an empowering week for artistic endeavors, entertainment, and children. Something you create, build, design, paint, etc may become more prominent than expected. This is a good time to display your exhibit your creative work.

Relationships may also be affected by this aspect. Feelings may be more intense with a partner or other loved one. Doing something together that could transform your lives would go well now.  This is a good time to start a new exercise routine, or something you create/build together.

Channeling this energy towards working with others to improve/change/transform things physically, financially or socially may have some powerful results. Embarking upon a new project with gusto could lead to great success now.


Astrology Forecast June 24 – July 1 2018

Jun 25 2018    Venus    Sqr    Jupiter

13°Le40′ D    13°Sc40′ R

Excessive sociability. The desire to “party”. Dramatic, extravagant gestures. Overindulgence. Overvaluing something.

A time for indulgence and spending time with loved ones. You may get more blessings than you ever expected now. This is an auspicious time for love and romance!  However, there may be a tendency to get carried away with eating, drinking, spending money or showing affection.  Enjoy the good feelings while trying to avoid being excessive or too indulgent.
This can be a very emotional time and the potential to confide in the wrong person or make a poor judgement call in a social situation or relationship may happen.  No matter how carried away you may feel in gatherings or events, avoid letting yourself go too far emotionally or financially.  Now is the time to rely on your own moral judgement and not be influenced by others.  Being discreet will help you avoid any drama.

Jun 26 2018    Mars    stations Retrograde

09°Aq13′ R

Mars retrogrades every two years and two months.  Mars will be retrograde from now through August 27, 2018 – approximately two months.

One of the ways that Mars being retrograde may affect some people is finding themselves going back to someone or something. This could mean people who have broken up may want to go back and give their relationship (or marriage) another try.  It might also mean, going back and trying to initiate a relationship with someone that was passed by before.

Of course, it is not always about romance, it could be going back to anything that was not done before.

With Mars retrograde, the courage to go back is strong and this could lead to some positive changes in people’s lives. Going back and trying out for a job or a place on a team. It could also mean, trying something for a second time, like taking a test again. If there was something that you had wanted to do before and didn’t for whatever reason (especially if it was because you lacked the confidence), now with mars retrograde you may be given the courage to go back and do it now, with ease!

Because Mars is closer to the earth when retrograde, tempers and temperatures may rise higher than usual figuratively and literally..  Be careful to avoid any fights or situations which could become dangerous. Also that things may slow down now so expect some delays, aggravations, and a general slowing down in activities where Mars is placed in your natal chart.

Go with the flow and follow your heart and see where Mars takes you back to and you may find success. Success that you almost missed out on!

June 27 2018  Full Moon
6 Capricorn
The full Moon at 6 Capricorn signifies, among other things, boundaries, laws, authority, tradition, suffering people and the government.   This theme will be emphasized more than usual with Saturn in the mix.  Saturn conjuncts the Moon and opposes the Sun.

Full Moons bring things to fruition and also reveal what the next step should be taken with regards to things begun two weeks earlier on the previous New Moon.

This may reveal some restrictions and hardships for leaders.  It may also result in new boundaries and restrictions being enforced now.  This is a time of setting down firm foundations which will endure the test of time.

Jun 27 2018    Sun    Opp    Saturn
05°Cn51′ D    05°Cp51′ R

Difficulties in maintaining control over one’s life. Problems, obstacles, limitations, inhibitions and delays. Feelings of insecurity which stimulate ambition and the desire to prove one’s self-worth. Difficult judgments and decisions.

Around this time one may face trials, tribulations and delays in dealings with authority or reaching one’s goal.  The hurdles one must overcome may become clear now and the next course of action decided – give up or trudge through the hard work and sacrifices necessary.

This can be a depressing time but one that divides those who reach their goals and those who do not.  How important is it to you to obtain a certain achievement?  Is it really worth the time, energy and toil?  Continue on and face possible failure or glory?  Only by being realistic will one pass through this phase successfully.

Authority figures may put obstacles in your path or deny your wishes.  How you respond to this will decide your future.  There is also a karmic element to this as Saturn is the planet of Karma and the Sun is our life force, they are natural enemies to each other. Saturn may cause some leaders, politicians, and other prominent people to learn some harsh lessons if they have taken too much for granted. Saturn may release some of the “coming around that goes around” now and any transgressions may come back to haunt some people while those who have followed the rules and tried to do what was right may receive their just rewards.

Jun 29 2018    Mercury enters Leo

An enthusiastic quest for knowledge. Being proud of  learning abilities, and believing in the saying that learning is fun. There may be a tendency to be a know-it-all.

Mercury in Leo is loud, proud and may be fixed in opinions.  At this time the news stories may be more fun or outrageous than usual.  There may be some ‘pomp and circumstance’, awards, fun, contests, celebration, parties . . .  surrounding Mercurial topics: news, transportation, communications, information, data, accounting, emails, cell phones, books, literature, schools, young people, learning, memory, intellect, standardized tests, stationary products, pens/pencils, measurements, statistics, arguments/debates, accountants, teachers, messengers, diplomats, journalists, bankers, inventors, speakers/speeches, booksellers, clerks, etc.

Jun 30 2018    Mercury    Sqr    Uranus

01°Le58′ D    01°Ta58′ D

This causes missed messages, computer problems, delays in traveling, cell phone problems, lost emails/texts, electricity going out . . . anything that deals with computers, communication, traveling, electricity, etc, may be disrupted.

Try not to let this bother you too much. Things will work themselves out after today. Take a few deep breaths and put things in perspective. Give others the benefit of the doubt if they say that they didn’t get your message as they probably didn’t.

Back in the old days, before voice mail, we used to get busy signals when we tried to call a friend who was on another call. There was nothing more irritating than that “Eh Eh Eh” tone the phone company used, created by some evil genius at the phone company to make people go berserk. This can be the effect of Mercury square Uranus.

Speaking of genius, Mercury and Uranus are not all bad together as they create that too. Brilliant thoughts, creative impulse, new and improved approaches to life. So now is the time to come up with a master plan for whatever issues you may need to address or embark upon intellectual pursuits.

Today you may finally figure out how to fix that computer problem or other machinery that has been broken for a while, devise a new successful business plan, write some incredible science fiction, master a new subject, anything new and novel that interests you – today will be the best day for it.

If you do have to travel today, leave early and expect delays or obstacles along the way. If you are communicating to many people, follow up afterwards to be sure that they received your message and understood exactly what you meant. Try not to rush through things or mistakes and misunderstandings may cause problems.


Astrology Forecast June 4 – 10 2018

Jun 5 2018    Sun    Cnj    Mercury   
15°Ge20′ D    15°Ge20′ D
Mental strength. Intense thought. Consciousness of personal intent. Stimulus to communicate in speech or writing. Effectiveness in coordinating one’s various activities. Mobility — travel. Ability to meet up to situational demands.

This is a good time to brainstorm and come up with ideas regarding how to organize finances and other practical matters.  Figuring out what to do with all that you have at your disposal, including personal talents.

Jun 5 2018    Venus    Opp    Pluto   
20°Cn50′ D    20°Cp50′ R
Relationship crisis. Manipulation in relationships. Jealousy. Sexual tension. Territorial disputes. Obsession.

Today Venus makes a hard aspect to Pluto. This may manifest in different ways since Venus can signify: money, beauty, childbirth, jewelry, luxury items, music, art, fashion, poetry, gardening, flowers, and very often relationships. Pluto represents powerful underground forces, mafia, plumbing, organized crime, gangs, ISIL, drug dealers, human traffickers, drastic transformations and upheavals which end in permanent changes.

The stand-off between Venus and Pluto may be some shocks or upsets in relationships. Oppositions make us aware of what is going on. Things may get unexpectedly intense in a relationship. This may be a positive or intense experience which will forever alter both sides.

If you notice that things are getting more emotional or dramatic than usual, try to keep a cool head and know that this is a short-lived aspect (a day or two). If things do get to be too much, try to avoid any kind of confrontation until a later time.

If relationships are not affected, be sure to keep an eye on finances. There may be some secret siphoning of funds when you least expect it, in other words, identity theft or any type of theft. Avoid doing financial transactions on insecure networks and double check your receipts.

For the next couple of days it is important with relationships and finances to be “above board” about everything.  At the same time, be secure with your money and personal possessions. If you feel suspicious about something, try to be level-headed.

Jun 6 2018    Mercury    Sqr    Neptune   
16°Ge27′ D    16°Pi27′ D
Mercury is applying to square Neptune this week may cause more daydreaming, creative writing, art, music, spirituality, psychic or mediumistic experiences and it is an excellent time for spiritual endeavors.

Neptune gives insight and Mercury understanding, so combined they lift the veil to the other side and allow communication across different dimensions. Borders dissolve under this aspect.

This is not the time for dealing with facts, figures, or detailed work as Neptune confuses things on the material plane. This combination can cause mishaps and misunderstandings when dealing with everyday communications, interactions or financial matters. Missed calls and misplaced messages are common so try to give others the benefit of the doubt in these matters.

If you hear any incredible news or gossip it is best to wait and see if it’s really true before acting upon it. Beware of scandals, lies, deceptions and scam artists as they will be very active this week.

How strongly this will affect you on a personal level depends upon how this square interacts with your natal chart. Mercury square Neptune can give wonderful abilities in music, art, psychology, and mysticism. It also allows a person to use these talents in constructive ways as squares can be very productive (or destructive if you are unaware of it’s influence.)

Emotions flow more readily and feelings can be easily hurt. You may send or receive and email or text and take it the wrong way. It is important to be very clear in all communications, perhaps making a direct phone call instead and double-checking any work emails to avoid getting into trouble.

You may find your most productive work will be done in solitude (as Neptune is associated with the 12th house of isolation). Be aware of any *signs* or unusual events that may be the result of influences from the other side.

Neptune rules the ocean, water and the feet. Water wears down and dissolves matter. This aspect can result in a loss of some kind. Neptune teaches us not to become attached to samsara or material world that we live in. Buddhism teaches us that this world is just an illusion after all. What we think of as solid and permanent, really isn’t.

Neptune also rules viruses, drugs and alcohol. Being careful with any prescriptions and avoiding intoxicants is important now.

Sacrifice is also a Neptune keyword, so volunteer work and helping the less fortunate will also benefit you in a difficult Neptune transit.

While Neptune can cause drug addiction, the positive side of Neptune (spirituality) can help a person overcome these problems.

The Serenity prayer is a perfect example of Mercury and Neptune:

God grant me the Serenity

to accept the things I

cannot change;

Courage to change the

things I can and

Wisdom to know the


Living one day at a time;

Enjoying one moment at a

time; Accepting hardship

as the pathway to peace;

Taking, as He did, this

sinful world as it is, not

as I would have it;

Trusting that He will make

all things right if I

surrender to His will;

That I may be reasonably

happy in this life, and

supremely happy with Him

forever in the next.


Jun 7 2018    Sun    Sqr    Neptune   
16°Ge27′ D    16°Pi27′ D

Lack of clarity. Unknown factors which challenge judgment. The practical use of art and music. Impressionability. Escapist urges. Misunderstandings. Visions which deceive. Mistakes and errors in judgment. Foggy or sloppy conditions.

Things take on a dreamy, sleepy mood as the Sun squares Neptune.  This creates  idealism from leaders who may express their hopes and wishes now.  Scandals and obfuscation may also be prominent now.

People may not be seeing leaders accurately now.  Conversely, some leaders may be more inspirational now.  Personally, it may be a difficult time to make decisions as things and actions may be unclear.

This is not a helpful time for dealing with facts and figures as this is a more creative / spiritual influence.  A positive time for art, music, and spending time by water.  Enjoying a good movie or book is also favored today. This is a perfect time for creativity, meditating, and spiritual pursuits.