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Sussex Xmas Card- What were they thinking?

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35 thoughts on “Sussex Xmas Card- What were they thinking?”

  1. I am not quite sure the purpose of the picture is to attract interest and therefore money. It feels like they are poking a joke at Christmas itself. Like they are laughing at poor men`s beliefs. The cartoonish style points to ordinary people`s illusion regarding Jesus birth. They are kind of moking the nativity scene. Here we have the stable, the father holdng the child, which is a jibe at the notion of OUr Lady`s santity, two dogs reminding us of sheep and cows traditional in this scene, and a chair which style is reminiscent of that time. Pretty Obamaesque, it wouldn`t surprise if Michael and Barak had a hand on it for they despise Christianity with a gusto. It is a mockery.

    1. Yes thank you for your comment. It just reminded me of when Harry announced Archie’s birth – he did it in front of horse stables – remember? I wonder if they think their baby is a new savior or something or they are using their subliminal PR to try and give that impression.

  2. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all!!

  3. Spoke with good friend last night. Her husband’s salary just reduced at work. Will not be able to make mortgage. Luckily, her mother is able to help. Really upsetting to hear H & M go on re their life difficulties when people going through real problems.

  4. The last time she showed an Archie he was wearing dirty diapers. Not even clothing. They have serious mental issues.

    1. Hiding the child still. That could be any child. But I also thought it looks a little like George ..
      We see Williams children properly. We just lose interest in archie this way . I was thinking that too DE – adults behaving like children. HERE TAKE THAT .- You still don’t get to see archie.

  5. Good morning DE & All!

    Who’s child is that?? That isn’t the child we saw on β€œArchies BDay”!!
    That child is too big! When will the insults stop?

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