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Secretive Meghan

Article https://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/1370662/Meghan-Markle-news-Duchess-of-Sussex-Prince-Harry-Queen-Prince-William-ont


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4 thoughts on “Secretive Meghan”

  1. Well they have a lot to be secretive about!! Their whole attitude can be summed up by that photo of Harry when he was 3 poking his tongue out as far as it could go at the press photographers. They are both immature, attention seekers who think they are better than everyone else and answerable to no one. I’m sure Meghan thinks being secretive makes her more intriguing to people, but it really just makes her an insufferable bore.

  2. Did they even have a honeymoon? I believe their relationship and subsequent marriage is fake, a total sham. Really curious that Charles promotes the Great R! Have to wonder if he supports their strange behaviours?

  3. Meghan did not say how many months or weeks she was pregnant when she alleges she miscarried, nor did she mention the name of the hospital that permitted Harry to weep by her bedside.

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