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Scandal: Greta Thunberg + Prince Harry

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6 thoughts on “Scandal: Greta Thunberg + Prince Harry”

  1. If Greta thugberg was backed by a group in Canada, then it could possibly be Sri Lankan’s living in Canada, not Indians living in Canada, Sri Lankan’s are in turn backed by Chinese, to create chaos in India. Obama himself, in his book, wished Rahul for prime minister, and he called the current govt Creating divisive nationalism.

    “Would the baton be successfully passed to Rahul, fulfilling the destiny laid out by his mother and preserving the Congress Party’s dominance over the divisive nationalism touted by the BJP?” he wonders.
    “Somehow, I was doubtful. It wasn’t Singh’s fault. He had done his part, following the playbook of liberal democracies across the post-Cold War world: upholding the constitutional order; attending to the quotidian, often technical work of boosting the GDP; and expanding the social safety net.

  2. I heard about this when it hit the internet. She is being told what to say, giving a false narrative like Al Gore. Everything is melting and the coasts will be underwater. I’m still waiting for that to happen. Just missing the polar bears. She gets her facts from a leading carbon expert. In assume since she is 18, she will be tried on court. Her family is in it for the money and fame, not just Greta. I’m sure she will come back and claim she is cured of her Autism. If feel it is a fake diagnosis and it is meant to draw attention to her. You probably called her narcissism correctly. In order to sail on a boat, more co2 was used to fly the crew back and forth so Greta would look good in the press.
    Several weeks ago I trolled her Twitter and asked “ why aren’t you in school? Whomismpaying you to stay out?” She seems to be dumbed down since plants thrive with large co2 in the environment. Science 101 with photosynthesis.
    The cabal dreamed this co2 climate change voo doo mumble jumbo in order to hide what really is warming the earths climate. Harry is her handler…go figure.
    Im glad to see her exposed.

  3. Wow I hope your right, poking her nose into India, they will string her up…stupid female, cant stand her…

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