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2 thoughts on “Rumble account”

  1. Meghan would be going to her OB each month. The doc also checks in with you on “how you are feeling”. How is it that she has a monthly appointment with a medical professional all through her pregnancy, and yet does not say “i am feeling more than a little down, is this common for pregnant women?” of “”hey, I am feeling a lot of negativity being throuwn my way…do you know someone I can talk to?”. All pregnant women receive this basic level of care from their doc, never mind a royal. Soooooo, what is it…maybe not pregnant and see an OB monthly? Golly, how truth will out. (title of famous Ogden Nash poem)

  2. Hi Daily Empress, Welcome to Rumble! I am so happy that I was made a note when you mentioned you might leave Youtube. We love you daily videos and look forward to watching on rumble. Warmest regards Isobel

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