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  1. A formidable psychic! The Daily Empress has read for me a few times and she has great abilities to assess state of affairs I ask about. Very accurate and deeply appreciated.

    I recommend her wholeheartedly. She predicted the outcomes of several situations for me very accurately, with uncanny insight into situations.

    She is brilliant!
    Thank you Empress, will look forward to my next reading.

  2. I have had several readings, not only do they touch on personal information that only I have knowledge of, the readings content have consistently come to fruition. DE has helped me be better prepared and more thoughtful through her gift.

  3. Always enjoy your readings you put a lot of emphasis on your speaking. I thank you for sharing your two cats when you do your readings.

  4. I first discovered Daily Empress on YouTube, I enjoyed listening to her readings. I have ordered several readings from her. Her accuracy has blown me away time and time again. She is not only accurate, her presentation is down to earth and laced with humor. I highly recommend getting a ready from her. Thank you Daily Empress!

  5. I approached DE a couple of months ago for a reading on a sensitive family issue. Her findings were spot on and as the situation evolved her reading became clearer and more accurate. The reading was delivered via a private YouTube link in less than 48 hours. Most impressed with the entire experience. Anna

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