Reading through Covid Lawsuit

5 thoughts on “Reading through Covid Lawsuit

  1. My Aunt Pam , in Chinnor , Oxfordshire , England , said : “it’s really grim , Linda , it’s so depressing in here ( the Hospital ) , it’s SO BUSY , IT’S SO DEPRESSING ” – Does this mean there are SO MANY MORE PEOPLE ON STROKE / BLOOD CLOT WARDS now in the UK ( and elsewhere ) ? Thank you so much , DE ,, for your fascinating videos and factual information , it’s so much appreciated , thank you , linda , from Wales .

  2. My Aunt Pam in Chinnor, England , had both jabs . Soon after , she had a stroke and blood clot on her brain , let out of Hospital after a few days , she now can hardly speak and sleeps all day . my nickname on You Tube was Suki in the comments section .I’m just telling what happened to my Aunt , i wonder if it was just a coincidence ? thank you so much DE .

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