R.I.P DE3 Victory of the People over Big Tech

Today started off with a bit of a shock. As I was watching over my Friday Live tarot video on my YT Daily Empress 3 channel (DE3) I noticed there were about 40 live viewers. “Not bad,” I thought. A couple of years ago it would’ve been over 100 watchers but things have been waning down with the Harry + Meghan saga.

However, many of us diehards are sticking it out to the end. As one person said, “It’s like watching a train crash, you want to see how it ends.” Suddenly, *Poof* The web page disappeared and a weird geometric symbol in the center of a blank page appeared. I couldn’t get on my Youtube channel! In the middle of my live reading my entire channel was taken down!

As a veteran of this scenario, I knew instantly what was going on, for reasons only known to themselves, YT took me down. I didn’t even bother looking for an email from YT. Instead, almost by reflex, quickly re-uploaded the video on my backup channel – DE4. (Don’t we all have backup YT channels nowadays?)

I restarted the live show and within a few minutes there were about 40 viewers again! Everyone had seamlessly shifted from DE3 channel to DE4 channel! This was a victory! This shows that people have adapted to the tyrannical censorship and figured out how to outmaneuver the megalomaniacs of big tech! We did it!

I then decided to do a tarot reading, for entertainment, to find out who was behind my latest channel take down (and to vent a bit.)

I got the Star card when I asked “how the person responsible for removing my channel felt about me being able to recuperate so quickly” restarting the Live show almost uninterrupted. I was a bit perplexed by the Star, that seemed to show happiness. Why would the person responsible for ripping down my channel be happy that I recovered?

A viewer commented on my video:

Then I realized, the way everyone moved over from one channel to the other channel in a way that couldn’t have gone smoother if we’d rehearsed it, showed that we were the Star! We didn’t get upset and ask “Why YT why?” Bemoaning our fate + fearing the repression of our freedom of speech by the invisible fascist dictators of big tech with government colluding together. No we didn’t do that. We simply found our Star and moved onto the next channel!

As the North Star has guided ships for centuries, my viewers followed their Star to DE4. Everyone knew what to do by now. Things change, people adapt. Life moves on. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? .

This was a victory for the people. Today, we showed big tech that they are not really in control. We are. And DE5 is ready on standby.

4 thoughts on “R.I.P DE3 Victory of the People over Big Tech”

  1. You did nothing wrong there were a few people chatting away on the jag and friends dying it was then your site channel went down At the time you were chatting on Oprah etc i think it was more the chat going on about the jag

    1. Hi Yvonne, no that wouldn’t have taken down my video – if that was the case, YT would have blocked the chat from showing in the replays (which has happened before) but thank you for looking out!

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