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Pt 2 Tom Bower Revelations Harry + Meghan

1 thought on “Pt 2 Tom Bower Revelations Harry + Meghan”

  1. Hi DE , i think if Harry hadn’t had put sex so high up in his life , this chaotic mess wouldn’t have happened , can’t he see he was probably a target by all his Communist “friends” ? Even Vanity Fair couldn’t make her look good ! 40 years ago “skin colour was only skin deep, we’re all the same deep down” which isn’t true , this was said openly to make White people in our own countries accept their own demise 40 years later , now we have skin colour made into a deep Political hate filled agenda when White English PM , William Wilberforce , 1792 , used The Navy over 50 years , stopping slavery worldwide , only 2 areas didn’t stop – Africa and Arabia . why doesn’t Harry or MM tell the world this ? never mentioned anywhere . William Wilberforce shouldn’t have bothered , imo . he’d be turning in his grave if he could see The West now .

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