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Prince Harry + the Bidens

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10 thoughts on “Prince Harry + the Bidens”

  1. Hey DE! Great reading, thank you💖Watch out for that wealth card with the globe and crown. The letter A on there will spark those evil sugars to use that for their new King Archie tweets! Going to become their avatar before you know it 😂 🤣

  2. Great reading, as always. Biden isnt going to be in long, I looked after my father with alzhiemers, and the one thing he couldnt take is stress- they either have melt downs or are more susceptible to mini strokes. -6 months tops. They will have to try and hide it from the other staff at the wH too. And Harris wont like Megan around, birds of a feather those two. Could you do a reading on who will be the new VP? Ive heard that it was meant to be Hillary in 16 then Michelle O in 2020. This admin is all Obama. Rice is the liason. How much do you think the Globalists are using the occult to give extra energy into their plans.? xx

  3. According to NBC News – “Biden wants to unite America. Republicans have a different idea of what the means”. I can’t wait. Lol. 🤯🤯🤯

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