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LIVE Prince Harry + Miscarriage Story


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12 thoughts on “LIVE Prince Harry + Miscarriage Story”

  1. Had to search to find you..it is very sad that Americans cannot have “Freedom of Speech” for MM has it….loud and clear! Lady Collin has details about the article that are very revealing

  2. Twitter are unbelievable. They remove all the negative comments about Meghan Markle, but refuse to take down the doctored image put up by the Chinese government attacking Australian soldiers. As far as human rights issues go, the CCP are in a league of their own😑

    1. There was not a public (official) announcement about that alleged pregnancy. They are still members of the royal family, right? So why we never read about an announcement from the palace? Because she wasn’t pregnant. There were rumors and gossip but nothing official. She is a liar.

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