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Prince Harry deal with the devil

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18 thoughts on “Prince Harry deal with the devil”

  1. the queen is the biggest globalist … the card ; papa … his father putting pressure to talk about climate change … ~ Harry is being bossed around by the Queen and his father …. harry and m. are a deflection from England …. a pawn move by the Queen was to get harry married and move to globalist L.A.

  2. It looks like Harry has joined the Hollywood satanic cult, wherein you have to make sacrifices to get higher benefits, humiliation is one of them. I believe this is what Harry is having to do so to move up.

  3. He sold his soul. It’s all about money. He’s pathetuc. The new woke couple, a servile white privileged male in the thrall of the “strong” black woman.

    1. Harry is wrong. The pandemic (so-called) was created to reduce the population. Thomas Ritter found the Naadi leaf(ancient Indian oracle) on which it is written that in the late 2040s proof will emerge that Covid was created as a biological weapon to reduce the population. It is published in German on his website Thomas Ritter Reisen. When I read those prophecies for the first time two years ago, it all sounded rather theoretical and something that may happen in future. Never did I think it would happen so soon. Elsewhere in the prophecy it says that democratic countries would become more and more authoritarian, overtax people, reduce wages, that more and more people would be sharing an equality in poverty and that the state would have to provide for them. It all sounds horrible familiar now with the “great reset” and the UN’s Agenda 21. The globalists WEF types have been talking about equality and sustainability in flowery language but what they really mean is something else: a bunch of unelected technocrats will make all the political and business decisions, the population will own nothing but be happy (the title of a WEF video that Twitter took down because it was too obvious), and freedom of movement will be made unsustainable because petrol cars will be abolished in favour of slow useless electric cars. I’ve been listening to Rosa Koire’s hair-raising explanations of Agenda 21, and of course, YouTube deleted her videos. Lynette Zhang is still on YouTube. She speaks about the way the central banks intend to reset the world financially by causing hyperinflation which will lead to a food shortage right in the middle of the western world. Hyperinflation is something the Bavarian clairvoyant Alois Irlmaier has predicted in connection with the coming crash of the Euro currency(which could take the rest of the global financial system with it). He predicted that in the 1950s. Hyperinflation of the Euro currency is also something the Naadis have talked about. A clairvoyant source I cannot reveal has also predicted food shortages right in the middle of Europe in the mid to late 2020s. Hard to imagine now but I believe history comes around in cycles. And the 2020s could turn out to be as unstable and life-changing as the 1920s.
      I believed that we would have another 4 years of relative peace with a second term for Trump. After all, even the American psychic Cheryl Lynn predicted it, and judging by her Facebook page she is by no means in favour of Trump. I always believed that by 2025 the world would turn turbulent, riotous and socialist. But it appears that the globalists just couldn’t wait and did everything to sabotage Trump. He is such a roadblock to them because he severed ties with the WHO and wouldn’t sign up the US to the UN migration pact or the Paris climate change agreement. If the Democrats do get in, I think the changes in the western world towards Agenda 21 will accelerate at breakneck speed.

      1. Good Post .
        Harry thinks we are not awake to what is really happening – That little brainwashed XXXX who has sold his soul to the devil.

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