Prince Harry + Christopher Bouzy

4 thoughts on “Prince Harry + Christopher Bouzy

  1. the problem is , DE, we don’t want him either in the UK here ! what an ARROGANT Little Sh ** . i’m so sorry for America for him living there . Please keep doing Readings on this idiot. we both need to know what’s going to happen to this idiot . Thank you so much , DE. this is so embarrassing , i hope he goes to Africa to live , tbh . if White countries are so awful to live in .it would be a good idea if they both move to Africa., imo .

  2. Sorry, I couldn’t read my own writing above! I get so angry that uneducated, airhead Harry thinks he has the right to tell politicians and the rest of us what we should do and what we can say. It’s all so blatantly self serving as well which makes him even more obnoxious

  3. It hardly seems to be a “global” crisis. The only things he seems to quote and focus on are things directly about himself and his wife. He’s so full of s*#t.

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