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Prince Charles – King of the World?

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3 thoughts on “Prince Charles – King of the World?”

  1. I have two thoughts. Firstly, is Charles the Anti-Christ or Messiah? Allegedly, he is on the Earth now . . .? Another thought, Charles as well as Bill Gates experienced a lot of bullying as children, Schwab and Kissinger could have also experienced the same. Psychologically, it makes sense that they would want revenge on the World or people?

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    1. I have two thoughts. Is Charles the anti-Christ? Another thought, Gates was a picked-on kid, Charles was sent to his father’s prep/boarding school and experienced unbelievable bullying. It makes me wonder if they want revenge for what happened to them as children. Psychologically, it makes sense. And, Schwab and Kissinger may have experienced the same . ..

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