Predicting the President with Astrology

Predicting the President with Astrology

Jupiter and Saturn are the most important traditional outer planets for manifesting our destinies.  (For this reason, I write a yearly forecast ebook for each Sun sign based on Jupiter and Saturn transits!) Today I will be using another astrologer’s methods for predicting who will become president.  In this method, instead of using natal charts, we use the sunrise chart for the election day.

Astrologer Sylvia de Long wrote a book illustrating how the president can be predicted based on Jupiter and Saturn.  Using chart of the election day, she shows how a Democrat or Republican will win by studying the positions of Jupiter and Saturn. (Note: She uses equal houses.)

Jupiter represents the Republicans while Saturn signifies the Democrats. 

Sylvia writes that the most elevated planet in the chart usually wins.  In the chart of the current election that would be Jupiter, or the Republican party.   Of course, this is not the end of the delineation, as there are other factors to considerate in examining the strengths of the planets which include essential dignity, house placement, retrogrades, and receptions.   (Aspects are not used in this method.)

Here we have neither Jupiter nor Saturn in dignity/exaltation or detriment/fall so they are considered peregrine.  Also, neither of them are retrograde.  A retrograde would be considered a weakened state and harm that parties chances of being elected, unless it was an incumbent.  For a president looking to serve a second term, a retrograde planet would be a positive indication of ‘returning’ to the White House.

Although being elevated in the chart helps show a win, it is not a certainty.  If Jupiter or Saturn were in the 12th, 7th or 8th houses then the elevation is canceled as these placements are weaker in this analysis.  (8th and 12th are unfortunate houses and the 7th is the house of the opposing party.)

Receptions are also considered.  Here we have Jupiter in Libra ruled by Venus in Sagittarius, a mutual reception.  So the two planets may be viewed as exchanging places. This may help strengthen or weaken the planet, in this case Jupiter.  This will help determine if the Republican party is helped or hindered by Jupiter switching places with Venus.

When we switch Venus and Jupiter we see that Saturn becomes more elevated than Jupiter, so this exchange harms the Republican party and puts the Democratic party in a more elevated position by reception. 

Since Jupiter is in Libra which is on the sign of the 12th house cusp, some astrologers may read Jupiter as in the 12th (unfortunate) house.  This would mean the Democrats could end up being the winners of the 2016 election.  However, we are not done yet.

What this indicates is that it will be a close race.  It is possible that one party will win the popular vote while another party wins the electoral vote as what happened in the Bush/Gore election in 2000.

It is interesting that today there was an article published in the news declaring that if only men voted, then Trump would win by a landslide.  “According to their analysis in terms, if only men voted, Donald Trump would win 350 electoral college votes, and Hillary Clinton would get 188.”

This is reflected in the election day chart with Jupiter (Republicans) elevated in the chart but brought lower in the chart by mutual reception with Venus (women).  This indicates that women’s votes bring Jupiter (Republicans) lower than Saturn (Democrats) in the chart.  If Saturn is more elevated and placed in the first (angular) house making it more elevated and in a more powerful house.

However, in the end it looks like the Republican party will win, this is because Saturn is in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter.  This means that Saturn (Democrats) give the power to Jupiter (Republicans).  So the elevated Jupiter with Saturn being disposed by Jupiter makes it look like a win for the Republicans in the final showing but that the Democrats may win the popular vote. This will be a close election and female voters will play a large influence.

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