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Paul Burrell – Princess Diana’s butler

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8 thoughts on “Paul Burrell – Princess Diana’s butler”

  1. Listened to Lady C video recently. She had interesting take on Diana. On D first trip to Balmoral, she did put on an act. Specially, portrayed herself as being an outdoorsy gal. Liking being in the country, walks, hunting, etc. when in reality she was a city gal. Very much played a role to fit in with the family. Not a dumb little girl. Thought this interesting take by Lady C.

  2. It seems to me he honestly believes he is on the right side of things in defending Diana. I don’t like all he’s done and said since her death, but I don’t think HE sees it as being disloyal to her at all.

  3. I posted this under the video but I don’t see it here now, so I will post it again here:

    I am surprised that he has good intentions with all his speaking up. He seems driven by money. Everytime he speaks out I feel he sees it as a cash cow. Always the first one to say he was there and he knows all. Sleazy kind of guy as I see it. Motivated by money. Didn’t expect him to be so nice. I agree with Angela Sims…seems like a sleazy creep. What can’t we see that the DE sees!

  4. this sleazy creep always rears his ugly head whenever princess diana is in the news again. a nice little earner he can say anything he wants she cannot dispute his opinions. he had a lot of her things for ‘safe keeping’ and the queen stepped in and stopped him going to jail. I am sure he only does it for the money. A noble person, nah! just my opinion.

      1. that makes sense, I’m sure he does, but every time Diana is in the news up he pops with his opinions. I think the news programmes keep him in a cupboard somewhere. wish they would throw away the key.

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