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Oprah + Meghan Markle connections

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5 thoughts on “Oprah + Meghan Markle connections”

  1. Joe Biden Delaware—-Doria Business Delaware—-Biden, Doria MM money laundering—- Harry close to Biden
    Gayle I King and Oprah friends T some Tv station. Gayle divorced after 11 year—-Oprah sham relationship with a man for visual—-Gayle and Oprah always vacationing—-Gayle King made editor of Oprah O magazine—-Gayle King blurts out on tv she is gay. https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/did-gayle-king-just-come-out-oprah-winfreys-bestie-says-im-gay-on-cbs-this-morning/news-story/8c8e6d06379a515587868a44000a6b6b
    Harry has been part of a crime syndicate family , cabal that may not want to be uprooted from power—- Oprah, Obama are up and coming of the cabal of which Harry and Megan are a part.

    Is Harry really a Windsor ? I don’t think he is truly Windsor and he knows it.

    I think Gayle knew Megan from Soho or met her through Obama and Oprah. This all was preplanned by Obama. You said it yourself, Obama may be the one behind BLM.
    Oprah came out for Obama first. I don’t know her connection with him and not Hillary when they were running for President

    Yes they are swamp. They just will not go down the drain.

    The hand is the hidden hand, literally the cabal hidden hand

  2. If Harry had not married Meghan who would the cabal have to distract the pesants now? How could the cabal reach the RF and keep them in line? The cabal totally knew what they were doing when they brought Harry into de fold via Meghan. More than ever they need something big going on to avert people`s eyes away from politics. The cabal now wants everybody well distracted and docile. Meghan will be the clown they will put up on display to dance and clap for us. All we hear and learn about Meghan is the work of an extensive PR team. Who is paying this team? Meghan probably lazies around with Harry all day long. Neither of them have the brains for any major work. Both are failures at everything they do. It is her team bringing her name up every week, because the cabal needs to keep people in wonder. Apart from Meghan and Harry, who else would tantalize the audience`s curiosity right now? Anyone in Hollywood? Any one in sports? Music? No, there is nobody left with the same cloutch as Frogmore Prince and the Midget Princess. They are just two chimps put on stage to distract the audience between acts.

  3. Can we get a hacker out there somewhere to scroll the truth on a newsticker across the screen while they’re talking? Something they can’t turn off? That would be great.

  4. Maybe Oprah can bail her and Harry out of jail if she isn’t in there herself. 20,000,000 Q’anon supporters on line and many more out there.

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