4. The suit of 4 is about stability and security.  A time of rest and contemplation. It is a welcome break after struggling with the earlier creativity, stress or strife of the 3s.

The 4 of cups shows emotional stability. The 4 of coins is material stability.  The 4 of swords is rest and stability of ideas.  Finally, the 4 of wands indicates a warm stable place to rest and enjoy the fruits of your creativity.


5.  The 5’s represents conflict, imbalance, instability,  change, or chaos.  It is a time of power struggles and competition.

The 5 of swords is victory or defeat in questionable circumstances.  The 5 of Wands can be competitiveness, or lots of activity that is high energy.  The 5 of cups is dwelling on unhappiness that may be disproportionate to the situation.  Finally, the 5 of coins is struggling with finances or health matters.


6. Cooperation with others and/or going forward into another phase of life.  There is reciprocity and relationship building with the 6’s.  There is a shared experience and benefits through sharing an experience with others.

6 of Swords is about moving on and recovering from where you have been.  The 6 of Cups is sharing freely and innocently.  It may also symbolize the past. The 6 of coins is about charity, commerce and distributing things fairly and legally. Lastly the 6 of Wands is about sharing a victory and/or receiving recognition by others for your contributions to the group.


Corbie, Suzanne; Tarot Workshop; double-disc audio

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