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My thoughts on things

5 thoughts on “My thoughts on things”

  1. I was wondering where you went! You are brilliant snd we need you! Your political water colors are amazing!

  2. So sorry 😐 and yes you are so right! We are under siege of freedom of speech and more….. awful! Very scary time…

  3. Everyone knows websites are being taken down by utube, so their getting a bad reputation. The media and journalists got a bad reputation by being biased towards the left, now nobody is buying their newspapers. Utube will go the same way.

  4. It’s their platform and they are deciding who can use it & who can’t. You’re 100% correct DE, the “woke blokes” are trying to run everything. As intelligent people that love our freedom, we adapt. I’ll follow you over to Odyssey.
    Don’t give in!! Keep making your videos!!
    You’re 100% correct again – these are scary times..

    1. YouTube is getting worse by the day. Now, the government is promising $7000 scholarships for those students who get vaccinated? Saw that in the Sunday paper and just shook my head.

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