Gilded Tarot Royale by Ciro Marchetti

“Mr. Globalist” is the term used by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich to describe the wealthy elite who are behind the current crimes against humanity. The 7 of Swords card by Ciro Marchetti, (above) is a magnificent personification of “Mr. Globalist.”

Throughout the roll out of these lock-downs, mask mandates, and mRNA genetic therapies (misleadingly called vaccines), the swords cards stood out, to me, as the tarot cards of the jabs. That is what swords do after all – jab, cut, puncture, and cause harm. Swords also indicate deception, scheming, misinformation, strategy and deceit.

No one knows exactly who is behind this worldwide depopulation plan (although we know some – like Bill Gates and Fauci.) However, most agree, like Dr. Zelenko, that this was a plan, decades long in the making.

My painting of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

Trump disrupted this plan when he surprised everyone by being elected president in 2016. Soon after, globalist George Soros sounded the alarm, calling Trump dangerous to the (globalist) world order.

My painting of Soros

Back to the 7 of Swords, it can represent hiding the truth or the information you need, as well as your worldly possessions. As fellow globalist Klaus Schwab declared, “You will own nothing and be happy.” Which really means, “We will take everything from you: your freedom, your health, your job, and your privacy.” Why will you like it? Possibly because graphene oxide in the shots can alter your brain.

While the suits of swords may signify information, the 7 of swords can indicate the psychological manipulation aka mass hysteria/hypnosis. Theoretically, by isolating people, instilling unrelenting fear, then providing the “salvation” – a new “vaccine,” everyone willing submits to the New World Order.

In the 7 of Swords card, the man leaves a couple of swords behind; he is unable to completely cover his tracks. Even with decades of scheming, there are always some loose ends, unforeseen events and whistle-blowers. As psychopathic as the globalists are, they are still only human and make mistakes. It’s up to the people to pick up the clues and hold the guilty accountable.

The 7 of Swords man has his back to the viewer, much like the Rider Waite (RW) card where he has his back to the people at the campfire in the distance. This may show how he turn his back on his fellow humans, lacking morals or compassion.

The RW card is more bright and cheerful than Marchetti’s darker depiction of the 7 of Swords. In the RW 7 of Swords, the man appears to have a smirk on his face, which could signify the glibness of a psychopath.

Rider Waite 7 of Swords card

So in one version of 7 of Swords(Marchetti), he appears stern and mistrustful, like the mask has fallen, you can see the sinister, heartless soul of the perpetrator, while in RW card the villain appears to enjoy his criminal activity.

He is looking over his shoulder, like someone surrounded by BLM/Antifa gangs,that usually attack from behind and strike victims in the back of the head. This looking behind shows the need to be aware of your surroundings. Never let your guard down with this person or situation.

Even the fox (in the Marchetti version) is looking backwards, as in the wild, one must be alert to danger. This denotes the feral outlook of the globalist. Clever like a fox, and without any humanity. When dealing with this globalist (eugenics) crowd, it is only about survival of the fittest.

Swords cards symbolize news, information, data, and communications. This card also also reminds me of big tech, taking down people’s posts and platforms. They are like a thief in the night, snatching it away for whatever reason the globalists decide. They claim it’s because you violated some rule but never clarify which one or if they do, they refer to a vague notion that is subjective. This is intentional and a tactic to groom one for totalitarianism.

My painting of 7 of Swords with the death shots

The globalists have used their “poison death shots” as Dr. Zelenko has referred to them and stolen so many lives while stealing the good health of so many others. They dance around with their misnamed “vaccines” (that don’t stop the spread or prevent disease.) They “disappear” any incriminating evidence. They spread disinformation (ex.”fact-checkers.” ) They want to track you and control you with vax passports under the guise of “protecting you.”

This card may also show a criminal skipping town after committing their crimes (not unlike some globalists retreating to their private islands at the peak of pandemic lock-downs etc.) All in all, the 7 of Swords is one card that, to me, exemplifies “Mr. Globalist.”

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