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MM PH attack Freedom of Speech



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5 thoughts on “MM PH attack Freedom of Speech”

  1. But it is perfectly ok for pols and elites to call people “murderers” who dare to protest the lockdowns, which is not the red death, 99% survive. They are enabling a wtich hunt, but that is okay.

  2. When it comes to H&M there are two problems, firstly they are deranged so we should expect no clear logic. Secondly, they are puppets, so the long term plan might not have anything to do with them, being just two diots in a larger chessboard.. The British tabloids are quite wild.and Meghan stepped in it big time when she ghosted the king of taboids, ie, Pier Morgan. Meghan didn`t stand a chance from the beginning, The tabloids are a tradition and extremely popular in the UK, they are nasty and they are fierce. It is possiible that H&M paymasters are trying to sue this industry out of the shelves, simply because they don`t conform. .

    1. I agree Julia they have been found out on so many stupid lies they could be a smokescreen for something much bigger. A distraction to cover something bigger.
      perhaps the royals know a lot more than we do.

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