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MM money

**Reading starts at 2:40 – scroll line under video to jump ahead**

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8 thoughts on “MM money”

  1. I think these meghanistas are feudalists. They think if they give tribute to their feudal lords, they will be given benefits of some kind. Some kind of privileges and of course “power” will be delegatred to them for their support and loyality, as the willing pawns of their idolized lords.

  2. Thank you DE 💐🌹great reading. I really hope that the truth about all these people will come out. It’s about time. ❤️ for Ally

  3. Glad to see Allie! 🐱 ❤ I am thinking that SoHo House is helping harry and mm financially, no doubt. “That” elite of actors, politicians and billionaires have their own agenda too . Remember that H & mm traveled to Amsterdam in September 21, 2018 for Nick Jones birthday party. There are no pictures but they were seen there drinking cocktails. Check Vanity Fair’s article written by Katie Nicoll on September 25, 2018. 3 weeks later in October 15, Kensington Palace announced that nutmeg was pregnant with Archie. Imagine that! She was partying and drinking alcohol in her first trimester. 😕 Maybe her alleged miscarriage was caused by drinking too much SoHo House rose, imo.

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