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Missing Person – Where is Hayley Howard? Pt 2 Found

Hayley Howard

Originally published March 6, 2014

Yesterday, March 5th I became aware of the search for missing 19-year-old student Hayley Howard and wrote a blog about where she may be found.  Later that day the search party of police found her car in the water.  Today in the news is has been confirmed that she was in her car that fell into the lake.

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – The search for a missing University of New Orleans student has come to a grave conclusion.  The body of 19-year-old Hayley Howard and her silver car were pulled from the edge of Lake Pontchatrain near Irish Bayou Wednesday.


I looked at two horary charts for this case yesterday.  Both show the Northeast direction of where she was found from where she was last seen.  This was confirmed with the ping of her cell phone which gave authorities a location to search for her.That she might have already passed in water was indicated as well in both charts.  I will go over here for clarification and learning purposes.

In this first chart was the time I asked the question after first becoming aware of her missing status.She is signified by Mars in detriment and just having gone retrograde on Saturday March 1st.  [Note: this is a very unusual time for her to have gone missing in the early morning hours of March 1st  . . . as hours earlier, Mercury just stationed direct, then there was a New Moon at 10 Pisces, Mars stationing direct in a few hours, Saturn stationing direct within 24 hours, Venus square Mars, and Jupiter about to station direct the following Thursday, March 6th, when her identity was confirmed.]

At the moment I asked the question, on Wed, March 5th, Jupiter was about to station direct in the early morning of Thursday March 6th.  I surmised that she would be found in 1 day or possibly 1 week.

She was found within a day.  This is very unusual in missing persons cases and as already described, this was an unusual time astrologically.

In the March 5th chart above, her co-ruler, Moon is intercepted in the first house indicating that she was inside of something.  The Moon separated from a sextile to Neptune, planet of water/ocean in the 12th house of undoing.

William Lilly writes that when a significator separates from a 12th house ruler, it indicated troubles of the mind and imprisonment.  She was indeed trapped or imprisoned in her car and unable to get out.  The 12th house is her own un-doing and the reports have been that she was driving while intoxicated which led to this accident.

The Mars square Venus shows that another car may have spooked her and caused her to lose control of her car and drive off the road. There is also the possibility of foul play in this ‘accident.’   This may be reported at a later time after an autopsy.

The Moon next applies to sextile Jupiter in water sign of Cancer right on the 4th house cusp of grave and Jupiter rules the 8th house of death.  This indicates her drowning and passing in the water.

The second chart of when she was last seen, also indicates the same result.  She is Jupiter in Cancer, again her main significator is in an angular house showing that she would be in plain sight, easy to find.

Mercury had just gone direct the day before (Feb 28th) indicating unusual events while traveling.  She is indicated by Jupiter in Cancer in the 7th house – again indicating that she would be in plain sight and where she would be expected to be.

The Moon, ruler of the 8th just trined Jupiter and now the co-ruler of the intercepted 8th house, Sun is applying to trine her, Jupiter.   Along with this the mutual reception between Moon/Jupiter in the 3/7 indicated that she was in water.

R.I.P. Hayley Howard


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