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Missing girl Madyson

Originally published July 27, 2015

I just came across a story about a missing girl Madyson in Santa Cruz, CA.


“The FBI is assisting local police in the search for an 8-year-old girl who disappeared Sunday while riding her scooter in a Santa Cruz neighborhood.  Madyson “Maddy” Middleton was last seen about 4:12 p.m. playing with friends on a white Razor scooter at her apartment complex in the 1000 block of River Street, according to the Santa Cruz Police Department. . . Police dogs were able to track Madyson’s scent from the apartment complex to nearby beaches, two miles away. But after that, the trail went cold.  Although intense search efforts are underway, police have not issued a statewide Amber Alert because it doesn’t appear that she was abducted. No one saw Madyson being taken, Blaschke said. But police may issue an alert later in the investigation, she said.”

The news gave an exact minute for when she was last seen which is the time of the chart that I use for missing people.

The chart indicates that she will be due east of where she was last seen.
She is represented by the Sagittarius Ascendant, out and exploring her world on her scooter, enjoying her freedom.  Sagittarius likes to explore unknown areas so she may have decided to explore some new areas to the east of where she was last seen.

Jupiter in Leo in the 9th also shows this desire to explore and have fun with her friends.  She was with others shown by Mercury, Sun and Jupiter all in Leo together.

The Moon is her co-ruler and separates from a trine to the Sun r-9 of traveling to approach Mercury r-7 of a potential abductor.  This is one indication that she was abducted although there is no proof of this yet and as a result there has been no amber alert.

Mercury is combust the Sun, hidden so it could have been someone who she was unaware of, someone who snuck up on her while she was distracted by something else.

She could either be far away or just very well hidden. I would search for her in an eastern direction and look near places of entertainment, parks, where people/children go to have fun.  She could be near a place of education, church or other religious establishment, something foreign possibly.

She could also be near a place where heat or fire are indicated: cooking area, fire station, heating facility, etc.

Will she be found?  Yes I believe that she will.

Clues to what happened to her may be revealed in 1 day or 1week around Aug 2nd
and she may be found in 2 days or 2 weeks – around August 4th or August 9th.

Praying for her safe return home!

# re: Missing girl Madyson – Body Found @ Tuesday, July 28, 2015 1:32 PM

“SANTA CRUZ — After more than 24 hours of searching for a missing 8-year-old girl in Santa Cruz, Madyson “Maddy” Middleton was found dead in a dumpster behind the Tannery Arts Center just before 8 p.m., Santa Cruz Police Chief Kevin Vogel said late Monday.

“We have arrested and taken into custody a 15-year-old male who was on the property at the time of the discovery,” Vogel said. ”

One day after she was reported missing, her lifeless body was found in a dumpster. (Jupiter square Saturn in 1 degree)  Saturn in Scorpio, she was found in a recycling bin after being murdered in perpetrators apartment.  Jupiter conj Venus fallen in Virgo – receptacle near an art center.

That she had been attacked/abducted is shown, as I wrote, in the chart. Moon trine Mercury.  The Moon also rules the 8th house of death, conj Asc and applying to Jupiter.

Police believe a 15-year-old boy killed her.  This is also shown in the chart as the attacker is represented by Mercury – a young person.  He was someone that Madyson knew (Jupiter and Mercury in Leo.)  He lured her into his home (Mercury ruling 7 + 10).

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