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Michelle Lee – Missing Person

Originally published May 31, 2011

A pretty 26 year-old nursing student named Michell Lee has gone missing in California. The chart for when she was last seen at around 7pm last Friday in Hayward, CA shows that she is far from home.
Her car was found a few blocks from the hospital where she was attending classes.

The chart of when she was last seen has Scorpio rising.

Scorpio rules death and  mysteries as well as debts, and other people’s money.  The ruler of Scorpio is Mars in dishonor in Taurus in the 6th house.  This may show that she is ill or hurt and not doing well. The sixth house may indicate that she is inside of something or some place. Near a place with small animals, place of work, clinic, doctor’s office, or a sick room.
Mars in an earth sign signifies places close to the ground or near a bridge.
The Moon is co-ruler and both Mars and Moon show a North-west direction from where she was last seen.
Pluto also co-rules the asc and is placed in the 2nd house.  There are no major aspects to Pluto.
Mars is with it’s dispositor Venus, which rules the 7th, 11th and 12th houses of boyfriends, strangers,friends, acquaintances, and hospitals.  So the person that she may be with or abducted by may be  someone who works at the hospital or a patient of the hospital.  She may have been taken by an ex-boyfriend as well or someone who wanted to date her.
It does not look like a happy ending as the asc is in the same degree as the nodes and the 8th house ruler, Mercury opposes the asc.  However, there may be some hope of her being found alive as the Moon approaches a conjunction with the great benefic Jupiter.
Jupiter rules professors, teachers, and other highly educated people as well as foreigners.  Someone like that may know something that could lead to her being found.  All of the planets (except Neptune) have Venus as the final dispositor, which makes the Venus the strongest planet in the chart.

UPDATE JUNE 7, 2011 – originally published June 7, 2011

The case of Michelle Le has been changed to a homicide investigation as police report evidence of foul play according to news sources.

In my previous blog about Michelle Le,  I noted that her significators (mars and Moon) are in the NorthWest quadrant of the chart of when she was last seen and this points to her being in that direction from where she was last seen.
The news reports that police are conducting a search for her in Alameda, CA which is Northwest from Hayward, where she was abducted.(see map)

As usual in these cases, the police are being tight-lipped with any details of the evidence that they have.  It has been reported that they interviewed up to 25 people but no one has been arrested at the current time.

That Michelle is not in good condition is shown in the chart.  Her significator, Mars, is in detriment and in an unfortunate house.
With Mars in Taurus, which rules the neck, and Moon in Aries, I would suspect that she would have been killed by a head or neck injury.
The ruler of open enemies is Venus in dignity, much more powerful than her and closely conjunct her significator.  She was overcome by a partner or stranger.
The ninth house figures prominently as mars is in mut rec with the ruler, moon. Also, the sun in the angular 7th house.  She was planning on taking a long distance trip with friends to Reno before she disappeared.  Saturn in the house of friends, acquaintances opposed Moon last, so the people that she was going to take this trip with may be of interest to the authorities.  Saturn also indicates siblings and people in the neighborhood and since the Moon squared Pluto in the 2nd before opposing Saturn, it could have been an intended carjacking/robbery.

UPDATE SEPT 7, 2011 – Originally published 9/7/11

I wrote about this missing young woman back in May/June.
In my first post about her chart, I said that she would be in a North west direction and I also said that Venus (natural ruler of females) was the strongest planet and ruled her 11th house of friends as well as 7th house partners/open enemies.  I had suggested that the police should question her friends.
My second blog about this case, read second  blog here.  Reported in the abc news article:

Hayward police and the FBI also tracked the cellphone movements of Le’s phone

and, later, Esteban’s phone in the hours after her disappearance, and saw that both cellphones moved around Alameda County in about the same path and timeframe, he said.

Although her body has not been found yet, her blood was found on the shoes of one of her ex-friends who lives North west of the crime scene.

The police are continuing to search the Northwest area of Alameda.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 21, 2011 – Originally published 9/21/11

When I first wrote about the Michelle Le back in May 2011 (read blog here) I wrote that her significator, Mars, showed that she could be found,” . . .close to the ground or near a bridge.” and  “Near a place with small animals, place of work, clinic, doctor’s office, or a sick room.”
The news outlets report th:
Searchers found remains and other items Saturday and Sunday near Pleasanton
Sunol Road and Verona Road, said Sgt. J.D. Nelson of the Alameda County
Sheriff’s Department.

If you look at the google maps, she was found on the ground near a bridge.  She was also less than a mile from a doctors office.  Which was close for that remote area.

See pictures below.
R.I.P. Michelle


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