Merriam Webster is lying to us – who can we trust for a correct definition anymore?

In August 2022, I became aware of the fact that Merriam Webster dictionary changed its definitions of ‘vaccine’ and ‘recession’ to support the lies of a corrupt government. I covered this on my Odysee channel (can’t do the truth on big tech of course – they are colluding with the corrupt govt.)

It starts at 4:32

Newspeak courtesy of NWO

Which leaves me wondering, every time I look up a word, “What else have they deceived us about?” They don’t announce these ‘deceptive edits of tyranny’ and still prance around as if they were a reliable source of information. (Not unlike mainstream media, FDA, CDC, NIH, DOD, DOJ, medical journals, FBI, etc and Universities … all useless and corrupt nowadays.)

This is another layer of the globalist mindf*ckery on the general population or 1984-ifying of this ccp-dystopia. Where can we find the truth?

You hear over and over, “do your research” but where? Most already are aware that Wikipedia is a woke joke. Now Merriam webster has fallen to ‘woke’ aka communist lies. We can’t even trust the damn dictionary anymore! Thanks Merriam Webster!

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