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Megxit 12 month review


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12 thoughts on “Megxit 12 month review”

  1. If Samantha Marmles’ book comes out Jan 8, 2021, how are the truths in the book (possible example, Megan can’t have children) going to affect Megan’s world? The book could be a big game changer for the Queen and Megan’s law suit. Thanks.

  2. Imo, they are all disgusting. That the Queen let Harry marry Meghan — is disgusting. Harry’s past misbehavior, his mangey beard, his beady eyes, and his jealousy of Prince William – is disgusting. The Crown’s disrespect for and demeaning of the “commoners”, who pay all the taxes — is disgusting. The Queen wantonly allowing Meghan and Harry to interfere in our election on behalf of the Chi-Com puppet, reanimated corpse, Joe Biden — is disgusting. I hope all their power is broken forever, so none of them may do anymore harm to anyone. They are ALL — DISGUSTING.

    1. I agree. It makes me angry that it’s always painted as a family matter between the Queen and Harry and Meghan. No, it isn’t. She is the monarch, (not just a grandmother) and is meant to uphold the best interests of the UK public, the Commonwealth and the RF’s image in the rest of the world as well. Their tunnel vision and lack of empathy is pretty disgusting.

  3. I recall that Harry didn’t want the one year trial, it was the Queen’s idea. He just wanted a clean break. Now these two creep are going to just drag their feet hoping the Queen will die and they can play this game for a long time between Charles is crowned and he may think his father will give him a better deal.

  4. Seen other folks say that H has some kind of mental issue. Issue predates M. Why hesitate to cut him loose. Hmmm

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