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Meghan + Nacho relationship

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3 thoughts on “Meghan + Nacho relationship”

  1. She looks awful , how can she imagine she’s hot , she’s so ugly ! not nice to say but if i were her , i’d cover up and stay covered up !

    1. Nacho Figueras pays ridiculous amounts to clone his horses. Yes he clones his thoroughbred prize winning horses. Big money he spends on his ranch. There’s a Forbes article he talks about his horses and cloning procedures by taking samples from horses necks. Crestview Genetics does his cloning. Weird!

      Reminds me of Barbara Striesand coming out with her cloned dogs after the original dies. She took the cloned puppies to the pet cemetery to visit its original it came from as if it was its natural mother. The puppies were cloned from the dead dog not its mother! These bizarre people try to normalize the cloning. No conception, not from birth mother.
      After all, a basket of cute puppies couldn’t be evil right.

      Meghan always looks different. Maybe she’s cloned or the kids lol. There’s a super soldier named Max Spiers on YouTube that talked about human cloning here in America before his death. If anyone wanted to go down the conspiracy rabbit hole. They experiment on animals then humans right? I doubt Dolly the cloned sheep in the 90s was the first. Just the first publicly announced.

      Anyway, I have no doubt he has his deep loyalties, fiercely secretive and knows the devils in the details despite the puff pieces.
      Soooo where were the other wives or girlfriends on that stage? I thought she was a feminist and promotes other women. Yet she is the only female surrounded by male, pale and stale hahaha! Hypocrite!

      Have a great one everybody!

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