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Meghan Markle’s Secret (Satanic) Message

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1 thought on “Meghan Markle’s Secret (Satanic) Message”

  1. Thanks DE , the same thing is going on here with the evil clown , Goris Johnson , who was born into The Ca((l . he puts on silly faces but he’s evil , he doesn’t care about anyone , is a real bully , is lying about “omicron” , he is destroying the UK , America , Canada , UK , NZ , AUS … the 5 eyes countries and mainland Europe are being punished with “lockdowns” , which are destroying our countries … the most financially influential countries in The West . it was planned by The Ca**l over 100 years ago , The Frankfurt School’s Communist Agenda , nothing to do with German people but a group from NYC , the same place our PM , was born . i love NYC had a lovely boyfriend there years ago but this is where some of The Ca**l come from . All their ideas are now laws in The West apart from “legalising pae********ia” , just recently in the UK , we’re “teaching” 6 year olds “self pleasure” now in “schools” , this might be their last and final law in a few year’s time ? Thanks DE , I’m scared of subscribing to you in case it’s Paypal and some friends have said Paypal are very anti-white . if Harry and MM are sad in years to come , does this mean The Ca**l won’t succeed in their plan ? many thanks , love your videos Happy Christmas ! Dr Mike Yeadon has served papers on all these people recently . a lot of legal stuff is going on in the background , trying to help people . No medical shots for mig*****ts , so does this mean they’ll be taking over our countries later , as most people taking the shots are white , take care DE ,i’ve stopped watching the Clairvoyant from Canada as she says The white-hats are really in charge and everything’s going to be fine very soon then said in The New Year , martial law is coming in , the same here in UK , 5 new Super Prisons have been built here since 2017 , and a new Police , Crime , Sentencing and Courts Bill is going through but nobody’s talking about it and The Queen will sign this off soon in The New Year , the first part has already gone through Happy Christmas , take care , Happy Christmas , linda , Wales .

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