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Meghan Markle’s flying monkey Gayle King


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2 thoughts on “Meghan Markle’s flying monkey Gayle King”

  1. The Duchess has gone to court over a letter because, according to her, her father leaked some of the content to the press. For a while, she could pretend to have taken the moral high ground on protection of privacy. However, protection of privacy only counts when it concerns her own life. The privacy of Princes Charles and William doesn’t matter. Hence Gayle King has been dispatched to leak an “unproductive conversation” Harry had with the above mentioned princes. I believe the only healthy thing to do now for the royal family is to cease all contact with the Sussexes, not just for self-protection but also to teach Californian royalty a lesson in etiquette and that actions have consequences . Harry is a traitor and, while under the control of a narcissist, a lost cause. How can William agree to stand next to his brother while unveiling the Diana statue this summer? How can he look himself in the mirror with honesty and integrity and still meet up with this traitor? It’s time for William to declare war and fight for the reputation of the British monarchy.

  2. It looks like the plan to muzzle Piers Morgan failed? He is free to speak out…………we need more people like him…..

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