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Meghan Markle + Oprah Interview!

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11 thoughts on “Meghan Markle + Oprah Interview!”

  1. Soooo, the Oprah interview will be released March 7+8. Final review is March 31. The Queen is probably waiting until after the interview to strip their titles and line of succession, because MeGain cannot keep her mouth shut and will say something defamatory to ignite a firestorm to get the remaining privileges removed. Let’s hope so.

  2. The interview will be televised on the 7th March in US. And it’ll be all over UK media on the 8th March. Guess what’s happening on the 8th in the UK…..It’s COMMONWEALTH DAY. The day the Doucheass wore the frog outfit last year. They have planned this to make sure their interview upstages the royal family and the celebrations. This is no coincidence. It’s pure manipulation.

  3. Notice how Megain and Little h haven’t sold us the sex of the baby. So, I suppose when Harry appears there will be a gender reveal to the Ope. Maybe she’ll cut a cake or some other piece of cr*p feel-good event.

  4. The first interview will be a warning to the RF. If they don’t get what they want, the second will be a tell all.

  5. I think Oprah or Obama are Megan’s handlers. Oprah had her sex scandal ridden school in South Africa and Obama has his foundation. Obama and Oprah were both on Epstein’s island and I think that is why Megan invited Oprah to her wedding. I think this will be played out to be a part of the divorce. Unconscious racism? I think Harry has unconscious snobbery

  6. When a female conceives isn’t it because the female is born with ovaries? What happens if the female is not born with ovaries?

  7. Doria Ragland went to prison for Running pounds of pot from Humboldt county to L.A. that’s where she was when Thomas was raising MM . Doria is power hungry .

  8. I will not be watching this farce. I’m more interested in the public’s reaction/comments to it. Should be good for a laugh.

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