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Meghan Markle Miscarriage Story in NY Times


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11 thoughts on “Meghan Markle Miscarriage Story in NY Times”

  1. Meghan keeps shooting at her foot. Netflix is about to discover the kind of fraud is meghan, just like the royal family did. If she can’t write a decent essay for The N.Y.T., imagine the type of films she will produce for Netflix.

  2. Tumblr is saying that the baby scene is out out Steel Magnolias where Julia Roberts is standing over the crib and feels a stab in her stomach while singing to the baby as she has a miscarriage.
    It was only a matter of time before it was found where she plagiarised this.

  3. The best description I have heard about Meghan is that she is retarded, slightly but still not fully developed, mentally, emotionally, physically.

  4. D.E. am I glad to find your web. It wasn`t difficult to find you so, I am sure people will be flocking to your humours readings in no time.

    1. Turning a piece of writing on an alleged miscarriage into a NWO/Dem political tract is totally despicable. Also – since she is so pro-abortion -up until and after the 9th month- then according to Meghan, she did not lose a human being, right? Also, let us not forget that Prince Charles is one of the leaders of the Great Re-Set along with Nazi Klaus Schwab. PC is likely bankrolling all their anti-Anerican crap. And the Monarchy has been undermining America since the war of 1812, via global financial encroachments and mental propagandizing.

  5. Meghan the vainglorious, at it again. That “areee you okay?” moment, exposed her as an ingrate and narcissist. Now her new PR team are twisting it into her rallying cry, all about breastfeeding young moms, George Floyd, and leaping out of taxis to comfort weeping women. Cynical, and downright creepy.

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