3 thoughts on “Meghan Markle Bullying Case

  1. sorry , i asked this question half way through the Reading then you said he will regret everything with her ! thanks so much !!

  2. i hate to think this but does MM have something on The Royal Family ? why are The Royal Family letting themselves be so abused , especially by this awful abusive non entity ? will Harry ever live to regret this woman and what he and she have done ?

  3. Please can i ask , how will Harry feel when he reaches older age , age 55 / 60 ? Will he regret all this going on now ? Will he make it to age 60 ? this is so disgusting , why can’t The Palace publish this report , why are The Palace protecting MM and Harry ? why on earth are they allowing them both to do whatever they want , even with possible spy equipment on her at St Paul’s Cathedral . this is how it looks . Thanks DE, great Reading . Will Harry ever live to regret his marriage to this witch and will he regret the way he’s treating his Family ?

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