Megain letter lawsuit – Will Daily Mail appeal?

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7 thoughts on “Megain letter lawsuit – Will Daily Mail appeal?

  1. I think H&M will say that as the 4 are employees of the Crown individual copyright won’t apply.

  2. Also, it will all be finished in the next hearing. Doubt very much if Mail will appeal as Judge Warby has just been promoted to Lord Justice of Appeals. Don’t be surprised k knighthood incoming in honours list. UK Justice prrrrr.

    1. I think that if the MOS were considering whether to appeal or not, Meghan’s smug, self righteous response probably made up their mind. Invasion of privacy? What a joke. You can’t shut this woman up!

  3. Definitely some input from RF here. Seeing as MM has done nothing but lie, stalled proceedings and evaded issues, this would be contempt of court in UK. Completely gutted this is the result. Hear no end about her now.

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