Mars in Taurus – not a bad thing

Mars in Taurus – “I’ll move when I’m good and ready. You want my spot? HAHAHA!”

I felt my cat best illustrated this description.

As I’m sure you know, Mars is in detriment in Taurus so this might seem like having Mars in this position is challenging – and it can be, if you are unaware of it’s significance. If you try to act like you have Mars in Aries when you have Mars in Taurus, it won’t work out well.

So how can you successfully maneuver well with Mars in Taurus? One way, as Robert Hand describes, is to use the energy of Mars in Taurus as it’s in the opposite sign – Scorpio. This is true for any planet in detriment as it aspects a sign it rules. Any planet in Taurus automatically aspects the opposite sign of it’s dignity, Scorpio, and can project onto that sign easily.

Mars in Scorpio is fixed like Taurus and is not averse to waiting until the right time to strike. Also Mars in this sign may be very secretive and intense – all or nothing in actions it undertakes.

With Mars in Taurus, the important thing is to wait, don’t react, start or initiate something at the first inkling. One day you may think, “I should start doing this for my business.” Now this might be an excellent idea as others may also being doing it already so you know it can work. Should you start right away? Not with Mars in Taurus. Sit on it for a while, keep it on the back burner, or file it away for another time. Let your mind percolate on it for a while. While you are contemplating, don’t share it with anyone else (remember think Scorpio) never share your future plans with others (personal plans that don’t affect anyone else.) Keep your goals to yourself, others can see it after it’s accomplished.

One fine day, the idea/action you thought of comes back into the forefront of your mind but this time you *know* it’s the right time. Then when you commence, watch it become a success! Such is the way with Mars in Taurus, patience is not only a virtue but a necessity. Wait until the time is right and trust your instincts.

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