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Mariah Carey + Meghan Markle both globalists

2 thoughts on “Mariah Carey + Meghan Markle both globalists”

  1. my oldest , closest friend's son in law died very suddenly 4 weeks ago yesterday , it's on Gloucestershire Live news online , he was in very good health , but tripe "v****" , he died while driving , he hit a parked car in a very quiet lane near their home after dropping his 27 year old daughter off , Andy was going to a Car boot sale , he died before hitting the parked car .
    Andy's death has changed my spiritual feelings and faith , i no longer believe in any God of any religion anywhere in the world , for such a beautiful soul to perish when he loved life , adored his wife and their 3 adult children, he didn't want to die . he'd survived stage 4 liver cancer 8 years ago , he was checked every 6 months then every year , his health was very good . he was cleared 100% last year , and didn't need any more checks at all.
    Andy was such a sweet soul , why did he die ? from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome ? The latest medical term in the news , accepted by Drs . why are Drs still so silent ?
    His wife is totally devastated , she can barely put 2 words together , his 3 children are completely numb with shock as we are too , his close friends.
    The only comfort we have is that as his wife , Sam , walked into the church and sat down , a butterfly flew in , it fluttered around Andy's coffin then immediately flew to Sam's head and started to flutter around her head .
    Andy didn't want to die , he was only 57 . he loved Life .
    I can't imagine how people are feeling once they arrive on the other side , will they find out what has caused their demise ?
    It's something i can't tell Sam , or even Bob , her father , my closest and oldest friend aged 88 . how does an 88 year cope with this , he has no idea Andy was most likely k***ed by the "v" 's . Bob has had 2 , i tried so hard to stop him having them but Sam , his daughter , ironically , convinced him to have them. Bob refused the 3rd one after having strange side effects from the 2nd one .
    Thank you so much DE, i look forward to your Readings every day , very fascinating , many blessings, much love xxx.

    1. I’m very sorry to hear about your friend. This is made more difficult for everyone by the lies put out by the powers-that-ought-not-be with this kill shot. Thank you for watching my videos and comments!

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