Lunar eclipse Monday Jan 21st

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Sun casts the Earth’s shadow on the Moon.

(NOTE: In a solar eclipse the shadow of the Moon is cast on the Earth but in a Lunar Eclipse the Earth’s shadow is cast on the Moon.)
Solar Eclipses are considered more powerful than Lunar eclipses and have a longer lasting effect.  Often a Lunar Eclipse brings to a head something that began with the previous New Moon  or Solar Eclipse.
We just had a solar eclipse on Jan 5th at 15 degrees of Capricorn.  So something that began there may be winding up now with this full moon lunar eclipse or continuing to the next step.

Because the Moon is full and bright, matters that may have been hidden may come out into the light around the time of the lunar eclipse.  The effects of Lunar eclipses last about 6 months.

Eclipses are powerful and may be helpful or overwhelming in their effects!  Around the time of the lunar eclipse on Jan 21st, you may find something that you have been searching for or a mystery may be revealed to you.  If you or someone you know has been having some health concerns, this lunar eclipse may reveal what the underlying issues are so that they can be treated successfully.

Whether pleasurable or challenging, eclipses are usually hectic times in general when the air is charged with electricity.  People may be feeling more stressed than usual due to the eclipse energy.  So be prepared for people rushing around or not being very pleasant while out in public or on social media.

Relationship issues may become the focus of energies around a lunar eclipse since it is a relationship aspect of the opposition, Sun and Moon, masculine and feminine.
Or this eclipse may bring an internal struggle between following your instincts/cravings (Moon) or doing what society expects (Sun).

The opposition falls in Leo and Aquarius so what we want to create vs what society needs.  So the stress could very well center around our personal relationships and friends/acquaintances/groups.

The Moon in Leo can be dramatic.  Leo is the sign of actors, and entertainers. This is also the sign of children and what we create.  Aquarius is the sign of politics and group activities.

These are general descriptions which can be described more precisely by studying one’s natal chart, with exact birth time, as the exact location of the eclipse in the natal chart shows more accurately how this eclipse may affect an individual.
Contact me if you would like to know how this lunar eclipse may manifest in your life!

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