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Live: Why Twitter censoring Meghan Markle critics

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13 thoughts on “Live: Why Twitter censoring Meghan Markle critics”

  1. Thank you DE. 👋 everyone.. glad I found you.. I’m still figuring out how to navigate this app.. where else can we find you DE? Many are asking where you went .. I’ll be happy to share if you announce where else we can find you.. Thank you again.. Awesome readings As usual .. 🙏

  2. What if Meghan has handlesr? You call it PR, others would call the number of people propping her up handlers. What if Meghan is paid or blackmailed to speak out? One thing we notice, the call for action is missing this text. She is pretty subdued comparing to pre-election statements. She is even justifying her stupid “Are you OK” comment in Africa. This cabal knows their castle has been breached, that is control over elections, the level of their criminality is being exposed. They will never ever have the same control over elections again and might never win another election. The future looks grimm for this people. And it so that Meghan is playing the poor nice girl.

  3. So Twitter is giving Meghan Markle the same protections they are affording the re-animated corpse, Biden, Fauxci, and Bill Gates-of-Hell.

  4. In a PC culture that we live in, things have to be censored for the fear of “causing unnecessary mental anguish” to anyone, and since the topic of miscarriage is a a sort of sensitive topic, they chose to delete the comments questioning Markle in order to be PC. The fact that comments were deleted have nothing to do with Twitter wanting to protect her. In reality, nobody in the U.S cares about Harry nor Meghan. Biden, Kamala and all of those democrats know how to play the game….they wouldn’t associate themselves with the likes of Markle and Harry. They’re bad news. Honestly, I think they’re cursed and it’s only going to go downhill for them…

  5. Markle is not best friends with the Bidens…Harry, who obviously has “mommy issues”, is friends with Biden’s wife. These politicos are smart. They know better than to associate themselves with controversial figures like Markle. She’s known for lying, for grifting and for gold-digging. She wouldn’t mind playing with Biden’s “flute” if it means getting ahead in her “political” career. But not to worry, Markle and Harry have no power at all. We’ll all see it soon enough.

  6. Good morning everyone! I am testing this to see if it works. I’ve been having trouble making an account. Hopefully using wordpress to make an account works.

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