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Live: Was Meghan really suicidal?


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9 thoughts on “Live: Was Meghan really suicidal?”

  1. she wanted a grovelling tv apology from piers,
    what next?
    a threatened mythcarriage
    terrorist kidnapping attempt against archie (not the ginger one she doesnt want attention on him)
    suicide attempt from harry but she saves him just in time.
    she hasnt done the throwing herself down the stairs yet.
    just waiting for the birth of princess diana.
    she says controversial stuff and people are shocked and horrified but when they are proven to be lies its all oh thats ok doesnt matter.
    is there anyone backing her to bring down the monarchy?
    it seems to be getting a lot bigger than just megamouth.

  2. It’s all a big stunt to get people to “buy in” to Archewell … you know, THE source for Mental Health. Failed to garner interest before … how soon will they start re-promoting now that she is personally affected and is a “survivor”

  3. Harry is connected with heads together the same as William so why didn’t Harry help her and call someone

  4. Pls check and watch of Nick Farage in you tube Lady Empress and spread it to the whole world … You will love it… He is so accurate….

  5. Harry said he was worried about history repeating itself, with Megain, as with his mother. However, imo, it is Harry who should worry about history repeating itself with him, as with his mother. There will come a time when being able to play the grieving widow and blame it on the Royal Family, may be the ultimate victimhood. Harry ought to hire a food taster. And yes, allegedly, reportedly, he was overheard being yelled at by Megdusa at Frogmore, for not being able to memorize his lines. Overheard by someone she racistly? assumed could not understand English.

  6. So true, DE: Narcissists threaten suicide when the sun comes up without asking their permission first. And using that threat pokes Harry old wound of his mothers sufferings, just as intended by Meghan. Now several countries in the Common Wealth are threatening to leave to boycott the “racist” english royal family. And Meghan called ITV PERSONALLY complaining about Piers Morgan. ITV has dropped over 4% in just the last 24 hours after he stepped down, though. 3 petitions out to get Piers Morgan back, one has almost 90 thousand already signed. Here it is: https://www.change.org/p/good-morning-britain-keep-piers-morgan-on-gmb-for-his-common-sense-approach-to-life?use_react=false

  7. It is interesting that she felt “suicidal” when she was pregnant – didn’t Diana attempt suicide when she was pregnant with William by throwing herself down some stairs? I think if MM had thrown herself down the stairs when she had the moon bump strapped on she would have bounced.

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