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Why MM legal trial delayed by judge

Article: https://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/1362080/meghan-markle-court-case-mail-on-sunday-thomas-markle-snr-letter-duchess-of-sussex,

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7 thoughts on “Why MM legal trial delayed by judge”

  1. Dear DE: Thank you so much for all you do, and there is no one else like you! 🌟 Yankee Wally just had a post about Megdusa “allegedly” gluing a girl’s eyes shut with crazy glue at Northwestern? or was it Northeastern? And “allegedly” Thomas paid to have the records sealed, and “allegedly” MM was kicked out and the girls almost went blind, “allegedly”. Can you kindly do a reading on this and see what the cards have to say? Thank you in advance! 💝💖

  2. Yes, the judge will do exactly as the Crown tells him to – “allegedly.” And Prince Charles has “allegedly” been backing these two to the hilt, “Great Re-Set”, magical raindrops, and all.

  3. These are all tactics to avoid going to court. She is too arrogant to drop it but by using delay and victim tactics she is hoping it will fall by the wayside and get forgotten.

  4. Good morning. I think that meghan is very scared about the trial. Johnny Depp lost his case and look at all the dirt that the emails and texts exposed about him and amber. Meghan knows all the dirt, lies, plots in her emails and texts against the royals and probably about the truth about ghost baby archie. Yankee Wally pointed out months ago that meghan was in hot water because she would have to provide emails and texts to the court. So seriously, I don’t think meghan is brave or defiant, she reckless and feels no remorse. I hope she is not pregnant, why would she try to carry a baby who carries the blood of the family she hates the most? She probably hates harry, too, because he is weak and expects her to do all the job, imo. A woman who holds grudges.😑

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