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LIVE How Prince William feels about Harry

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7 thoughts on “LIVE How Prince William feels about Harry”

  1. I watched the Live which was very full of interference, was bad weather here all day and night…does that have anything to do with reception of the www? Pleased to see the recorded video was intact.
    Interesting reading.

  2. Let me get this straight. H has over $30M dollars and he is upset because he does not have enough money? Can you spell privileged? 🤪

  3. I hope you had your coffee this morning. Sorry you couldn’t sleep well last night. It was raining here yesterday where I was at. Electricity was flickering on and off here.

  4. It’s just embarrassing. Does Harry even read the speeches Meghan writes for him? It seems she’s just trying to make him look more and more foolish🤡

  5. Had to watch on replay. Do not worry re Biden. He will not be in long. 25th amendment has been prepped and ready to go. Kamala will be in. We are in for a wild ride depending on how well the puppet masters control her.

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