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Lili bucks update

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1 thought on “Lili bucks update”

  1. thanks DE ,, hilarious Reading but so very sad for the surrogate . nobody here even talks about them now , nobody here in the UK is bothered about Lili , Archie or MM and Harry-Has-Been . i think they’re being used as part of the huge distractions keep going on , such as the 54% increase in deaths of young men and teens after the V , the 29 Reports of side effects and deaths form the V here in the UK , all the children in Hospital after the V with Myocarditis etc …
    i honestly think they’re a massive part of the distraction , that we’re letting in 1000’s of illegal m******ts every month . we’re a tiny cluster of islands , we can’t afford to house them , we have many 1000’s of Homeless people here . we’re just finished with them and i think more UK people are suffering too much to care about TRF now . i just wish TRF would stop pretending to be normal ! as if William really “chills out” to AC/DC – REALLY !! i wish they’d stop pretending to be poor like us . it’s patronising since most of TRF aren’t even European now , even Kate isn’t . most UK people aren’t aware of this and they pretend to be but they’re not Anglo Saxon , Celt or European . thanks DE , love your Readings so much !

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