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Lady C book vs Finding Freedom book

Here are some examples of Prince Harry + Meghan Markle events, both covered by Lady C in her book Meghan and Harry The Real Story and Finding Freedom by Omid Scobie, Carolyn Durand with input from Meghan Markle and proofread by Sara Latham.

1. Royals hunting (emphasized in Crown series)

Finding Freedom:

“Although Harry and his brother grew up shooting, the younger prince missed the annual Boxing Day shoot on his first Christmas at Sandringham with Meghan. Some newspapers criticized Meghan, suggesting she had prohibited Harry from the longtime family tradition. The papers describe her as a vegan and an animal rights activist who put down her foot by refusing to let him go. In fact, none of that was true; Meghan was not a vegan, nor had she banned Harry from the hunt.
Meghan, who had wooed Harry with a Sunday roast and received her marriage proposal while cooking a chicken, was frustrated by the absurdity. “These ridiculous stories about family traditions are such bull,” a trusted source said. “She does every single thing that everyone else does. She loves tradition.”
The truth was that Harry and Meghan had returned to London early, because Harry had agreed to serve as a guest host and editor of the BBC Radio’s flagship Today program, for which he had already recorded an interview with Barack Obama, the president’s first since leaving office.”

Lady C:

“One of the British royals told a European counterpart that she [MM] made it clear that she disapproved of hunting and shooting and would therefore not be hanging around to participate in the traditional Boxing Day shoot. “I suppose it’s to her credit that she has the strength of her convictions but . . . I’m just worried that someone who is so dogmatic that she makes it clear that hers are the only opinions worth having . . .what gets me is the underlying disrespect she seems to have for anyone who doesn’t agree with her.”

2. Thomas Markle Sr. treatment by paparazzi before wedding

Finding Freedom

“My God, my phone,” Meghan told a friend, explaining that she’d called her father at least twenty times.
“I’m assuming he’s getting my messages,” she added, worried.
Rather than know anything for certain, she and Harry were updated on her father’s plans (whether or not he was going to attend her wedding) through the tabloids and gossip websites.
After the embarrassing Mail on Sunday article appeared, Thomas reached out to TMZ to plead his case, explaining he was trying to “recast” his image after being “ambushed” by other photographers. But to spare his daughter and the royal family any further embarrassment, he would no longer attend the wedding.
While in public the Palace maintained a stoic silent facade, behind closed doors there were recriminations and anger that Meghan’s father had turned what was supposed to be a time of celebration and dignified proceedings into a circus.

Lady C

“From morning till night, his [Thomas Markle’s] every action was observed, his ever movement commented upon and decried. Harry and Meghan’s advice to him was as impractical as it was impersonal. “Don’t talk to the press at all.” . . . Harry and Meghan seemed to have no empathy for the mortification Tom was facing…”

[ then goes on to describe how Doria was protected but not Thomas, Samantha or anyone else in her family. Meghan and Harry never bothered to send someone over to help Thomas as he was surrounded by tabloid photographers…not unlike Princess Diana experienced.]

3. ‘Race’ to the alter

Finding Freedom

“Meghan might have fully accepted her unique identity, but there was no way she was going to accept attacks on her background and, more specifically, on her mother. With photographers camped out in front of Doria’s home, some of the tabloids continued to publish inaccurate stories that rested on racist stereotypes of the struggling African American woman and completely ignored her mother’s 2015 masters in social work and her position as a senior counselor within the geriatric community.
Harry refused to accept this either. The press wasn’t Harry’s only source of confrontation about Meghan’s being biracial. When he first started seeing her, Harry, sensitive to even the slightest hint of prejudice, had fallouts within his own tight circle. When some questioned his new relationship, and whether she was suitable, he would wonder, “Is this about race? Is it snobbery?”

Lady C:

On insisting he would marry Meghan, Harry told the Queen that he “…was going to marry her [MM] and ‘if you don’t like it , you’ll just have to suck it up.’ … then issued the coup de grace by telling his grandparents that they would be accused of racism unless they agreed to the marriage.”

2 thoughts on “Lady C book vs Finding Freedom book”

  1. Why would Scooby Doo call her an African American? Easily can see this was MM. The only reason the race card came up is because MM has to be a victim at the center of it all.

  2. M.M. needs to withdraw from public life ASAP. The Queen’s, the Grand Master, strategy is coming to fruition on the projected timeline.

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