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King Charles the Antichrist Forecast

5 thoughts on “King Charles the Antichrist Forecast”

  1. When Charles , as prince then , gave a speech at The WEF in 2020 , the crowns all over the board in the background were tall plumes of feathers – 6/6/6 – 6 strands making a "feather" with 3 "feathers" which were made to look like the crown itself , rising up from the base of the crown. He started Terra Carta , a plan to encourage countries to work together to help climate change" . The Club Of Rome created in 1960 was really clear , they said " The Common enemy of Humanity is Man" , they said "in search of a new enemy to unite us , we came up with the idea that pollution , the threat of global warming , water shortages , famine and the like , would fit the bill" .

  2. i don't understand how Charles , MM and Harry are unhappy with each other , as they'll all on the same page , all Globalists . it's confusing , knowing they're all very deeply involved in Davos , The Great Re-Set etc … i wonder if the problems are all part of a drama / play to distract us from what's really going on atm – we're being led into The Great Re-Set by the whole of The Royal Family and their friends !

  3. i can't understand why our PM has to see The Queen and now The King every Friday afternoon , when The Royal Family aren't meant to be involved in Politics at all . i find this very strange , why do our PM's have to see The Monarch every Friday ? why , if they're not involved in Politics ? it doesn't make sense. going back all the way to the 16th Century , The Royal Family has stolen the citizens of the UK money , weapons / guns , everything we had to protect ourselves with , and Land of course . we were subjected to cruel "punishments" if we didn't agree with them and their power , if we didn't agree with The Church of England / The Royal Family, we were punished , and imprisoned , Christianity took European native religion of Paganism with such cruelty , we should have Reparations for all the deaths , cultural and money , weapons they stole , it was Regime Change imo. But , Europeans have never whined endlessly about this period in Europe or the UK for The Royal Family taking , supressing and imprisoning innocent people , we have never asked for billions or trillions in Reparations from them because people have come to love them , to obey them and don't mind giving these parasites our money every year , another Tax for us to pay ! When poverty , cold and hunger really hit home this Winter, i hope people will start to see just how much Land and property and wealth this family have and how little WE have , the hard working Public whilst their personal fortune is kept secret !

    Thanks DE , wonderful Reading .

  4. Hi DE, some people have reported King C. secretly converted to Islam quite some time ago. He said openly once , not long ago that he is directly related to Vlad the Impaler, Dracula was the last name of Vlad, of Transylvania , Dracula means Dragon . very interesting Reading . thanks so much , linda.

  5. Hi DE, some people have reported King C. secretly converted to Islam quite some time ago. it might explain why the UK is letting in 1000'S of "new comers" every day . we're a small cluster of islands. thanks so much for your readings . really the best on the internet. that's why you keep getting taken off !!

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