Jupiter in Sagittarius with Neptune in Pisces – believing the unbelievable

In this article I will be covering the astrological significance of Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces from November 2018 through December 2019.   What to expect, how to make the best of it while avoiding the pitfalls.

Jupiter, the planet of good luck and expansion enters the sign of Sagittarius on November 8, 2018.  What does this mean for you?  One way to anticipate how Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius will affect you is to consider that Jupiter is in a sign once every 12 years.   The last time Jupiter was in the mutable, fire sign of Sagittarius was from November 23, 2006 thru December 18, 2007.   What was happening in your life back in 2007?  2019 won’t be exactly the same as 2007, of course, as the other planets are all in different places, but there will be some similarities.

Jupiter is wonderfully placed in its own sign of Sagittarius.  Jupiter signifies law, foreign travel/affairs, publishing, internet, higher education, religion, philosophy and public speaking (to name a few major themes.)  Something pertaining to one or more of these areas may become prominent in your life from November 2018 thru December 2019.  For example, you may decide to return to school, embark on a trip to a foreign place, learn a new language or go on a pilgrimage.  With Jupiter in Sagittarius, these areas can result in some sublime experiences.  You may want to reach out more to people from different backgrounds and feel more optimistic.   This is because Jupiter expands, protects, and offers new fortunate opportunities which can at times be awe-inspiring.  This is why Jupiter is known as the ‘greater benefic.’

However, unlike when Jupiter was last in Sagittarius, there is another important planet in the mix – Neptune in Pisces. Back in 2007 Jupiter formed an easy sextile to Neptune but in 2019, Jupiter will form a dynamic aspect (90 degree) with Neptune three times.  This influence will affect everyone either directly or indirectly.  Sakoin and Acker describes Jupiter square Neptune in their book Predictive Astrology as: “ . . . emotional idealism, unrealistic expectations, and misplaced sympathy.”  Under the influence of Jupiter square Neptune, you may get carried away with some ideas which may lead to disappointment.  There is also a chance that you might feel a bit down in the dumps and feel like you want to escape or indulge in unhealthy pastimes.  A positive way to utilize the energy of this Jupiter/Neptune aspect is by enjoying the opportunities of Jupiter but being more careful.    Before you sign on the dotted line for that new class, cruise trip or self-improvement course – do a bit more research than you might usually do.  This extra due diligence may help you avoid some costly mistakes.

The dates that Jupiter perfects a square to Neptune will be on: January 13th, June 16th, and September 21st.  Mark down these dates and try to avoid committing to any important legal, travel, or educational commitments on these dates.  At the same time, these dates are auspicious times for creating new videos, illustrations, meditation, music, art, spiritual practices and/or indulging in a new fantasy game or novel.

Neptune in Pisces makes things unclear, foggy, mystical, glamorous and sometimes deceptive.  This is wonderful for fiction writing, videos or games but in the real world, it can lead to disappointment.  One way to describe Neptune’s influence in everyday life is to consider social media.    With good lighting, camera angles, make-up, almost anyone can appear to be a glamorous movie star.


However, the reality is what the person is off the camera.  Neptune may help make someone (or something) appear dramatically different and deceive you into thinking they are glamorous but if you meet in person, you will no doubt be disappointed.  That is the nature of Jupiter square Neptune – this contrast between fantasy and reality will be amplified in 2019.  This may result in some huge scandals.

This isn’t always a negative influence – why not have some fun and look like a model on a Youtube video or Instagram photo?  There is nothing wrong with it as long as you keep in mind that it’s not reality.   This will be the lesson of 2019.

It’s summed up with the old fashioned expression “If it seems too good to be true it probably is.”  This extends to subjects and events beyond social media.  There may be some type of product, ideology, or publication that be spread far and wide (Jupiter) but it may all turn out to be a disappointing deception – or lie (square Neptune.)

Another example of Jupiter/Neptune manifesting is in legal cases (Jupiter.)  Jupiter rules over the 9th house of law and in 2019 there will be some prominent trials that will capture the imagination (Neptune.)  One is the NXIVM cult case.  NXIVM portrayed itself as an ‘Executive Success Program’ (Jupiter) but instead of improving their business skills it was brainwashing participants with the help of Hollywood stars (Neptune) while emptying people’s bank accounts.  Catherine Oxenberg just published a book (Jupiter) about it after she rescued her daughter from the clutches of this deceptive (Neptune) cult.

2019 will be an interesting year with Jupiter square Neptune.  It may be a year of profound creativity, experiences and spiritual awakenings.  Enjoy the enthusiasm while avoiding people, places or things that seem too good to be true is the best way to navigate the next 12 months.

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