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Is Meghan Markle intentionally evil?


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6 thoughts on “Is Meghan Markle intentionally evil?”

  1. Bring down sunshine sacs, they fed women to Harvey Weinstein knowing he was a predator!!! Cut the head off the snake

  2. Talk about fore-shadowing. Remember Beyonce and Jay Z’s portrait of Meghan as the Black Queen? I don’t believe shell succeed because she is devoid of integrity and pure intent. But it definitely appears to be her goal and the goal of those who back her.

  3. It is French Revolution all over again. It is about destroying the current structures of power and harnassing total control by a small elite. Like the FR that claimed the heads of monarchs, they are now aiming at the American Constitution and the Monarchy, they are up to destroying these two pillars. These is the workings of secret societies, Oprah, Meghan, HIllary, Obamas, Bidens they are the Voltaires, the fishwives. They will create chaos, they will shake structures, but they will be the first to have their heads rolling when order is to be stablished. Nobody wants anarchists in the new order, and that is what they are. The Queen should join forces if the British press and expose Meghan for every single indiscretion, should go in the offensive and soil that reputation. Anyone spreading her truth must be taken to court and answer for their accusations. M15/16 must deal with BLM/Antifa as they did with IRA. Because, when this queen goes, BLM will not want a racist is the throne.

  4. This is the most accurate completely cut to the truth reading you have ever done, and all your readings are great! This deck is magical and functions like a portal. In the movie, SnowWhite and the Huntsman, the evil queen transmutes herself into ravens in order to arrack and she pretended to love the king, who she killed, because she was always seeking vengeance on the royal family, by making herself queen, in the story. She used “golems” to do her bidding. She FEARED the true queen, in this real life case – Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. You saw that in the cards yesterday. For some reason, Catherine is the one who can defeat her. Maybe you can ask the cards, why and how? Meghan FEARS her, and people hate what they fear. Let’s just call Megain – “Voldemeg” from now on. And she did look like a snake in that interview, with the hypnotic eye make-up and gaze and up from under glances and set of the neck. So, who is Oprah in all this? Has Oprah been turned into a “golem”?

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