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Hypocrite Meghan Markle with her legal case against British Media

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3 thoughts on “Hypocrite Meghan Markle with her legal case against British Media”

  1. The tabloids are not going to leave Meghan alone until they have destroyed her. She is interfering with their business.

  2. I had to stop listening. The 5 friends must be PR and they were given a narrative by Megan-nutcase. Crouching lower? How much lower can a rodent crouch? Only because I smelled a rat. I seriously don’t think she has any friends list since she great at gaslighting and ignoring them.

  3. I just can’t stand it any more. Why do we a society let clearly evil people like her win? What’s wrong with us? Why don’t we fight back and defend ourselves? In today’s society the party with the most money wins. The truth has no relevance. This must change. Fight for the truth!!!
    Karma will catch up with ME-GAIN. She will find nobody cares that she is pregnant again in the United States.This baby will end that sham of a marriage. Does anyone actually believe Harry’s happy about this? Well maybe he is….now that she has a second fake baby he can leave!!! Nobody wants her in Hollywood ( have you seen her act? ) The royal family will keep her out of politics as long as she is married to “Has been Harry”.

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